Here is a look at some of the developers working on BlackBerry 10 apps

Here is a look at some of the developers working on BlackBerry 10 apps
RIM has been staging BlackBerry Consumer Forums which are basically training seminars for people that sell BlackBerry devices in a retail environment. They are also events where RIM takes the opportunity to show off BlackBerry 10. The guys at BerryReview attended one of the forums just a couple days ago and came away with some great information beyond what we have already seen or read.

Before we dive into the high-profile developers, here are some interesting features about BlackBerry 10 that have not been on the beaten path. To start with the keyboard, up to three languages can be typed simultaneously. On the touchscreen, the keyboard learns how you type in addition to what you type so if you usually hit the edge of the letter “h” and “j” when trying to type “h” the keyboard learns and adjusts the boundaries between the letters to compensate.

We have heard about the BlackBerry 10 web-browser being a good performer. Well, in HTML5 testing, the browser is not only surpassing other mobile browsers, it is surpassing some desktop browsers as well, scoring a 476 whereas Chrome has been scoring 434 (your mileage may vary). We have also seen the “time-shift” feature of the camera, where we can adjust the image of a photo-object’s face in order to correct a blink or something. When that correction is made, the “time-shift” feature only corrects the face, not the whole body.

When it came to companies that were developing for BlackBerry 10, there was plenty to feel good about. While BlackBerry’s AppWorld may not have a bazillion apps in its stable, it does have plenty of high-profile apps that are used by a lot of people around the world. RIM showed off a slide with the logos of companies that agreed to be listed, so know that this is truly a partial list.

On that slide were news outfits like The Economist, The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Financial Times and Amazon Kindle. On the gaming front, Gameloft and Marmalde were part of the collage. The usual suspects were listed for social media. On the multi-media front, there was plenty to look forward to, like Slacker, TuneIn, and Top Gear. Hopefully, Netflix will join that list by the time BlackBerry 10 is ready. In productivity and lifestyle, most of the expected heavy hitters are present such as eBay, Webex, SAP and Adobe.

It is not a complete list, but seeing development for apps or services like Amazon Kindle is a good thing. That alone adds a feather in the cap of BlackBerry 10 versus OS 7 or the PlayBook’s OS 2. So, if you are a BlackBerry loyalist who refuses to be put down by the naysayers, hold your head high. There appear to be good things afoot at RIM.

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