Hands-on with LG KT610 and KC550

Hands-on with LG KT610 and KC550
LG phones became a hit on the market, mainly because of their attractive and elegant looks. The manufacturer offers a variety of models and has been trying to satisfy almost all consumer audiences. Now, we present the LG KT610 and KC550, which are budget smartphone and cameraphone entries.

KT610 opens to the side and offers a full QWERTY keyboard, which makes it attractive for the people who like to write messages. Besides the keyboard, you’ll see the main 2.4” TFT display, surrounded by stereo speakers.

When it’s closed, on the front we find a small color display where the fast access menu is visualized. The navigational buttons and the numeric keypad are below it.

Thanks to the Symbian S60 OS, which makes it a smartphone, it offers many functions. It also sports 3G (HSDPA 3.6 Mbit/s) support and a built-in GPS for navigation. The only feature it lacks is WiFi, which gives you access to local wireless networks.

The second model, KC550, is a mid-level slider with a 5-megapixel camera, equipped with Schneider-KREUZNACH autofocus lens, placing it next to the high-end dedicated cameraphones. The flash is LED, instead of Xenon, but let’s not forget that this is a budget phone and it’s impossible to have all extras. The entire camera module is protected by a sliding lid, something that we don’t have in the top model Viewty.

Its design will not attract you, but the idea of such a low cost phone is to be functional and not stylish. The 2.4” QVGA TFT display is on the front, accompanied by the navigational buttons below it. Standard for a slider, once you open it, a numeric keypad is revealed.

The manufacturer claims that the phone has a fast processor as well, which will allow you to view your photos faster and to watch videos with DVD resolution (720x480), up to 30 fps. You will not only be able to watch, but to record clips with such resolution. In contrast to the Viewty, you won’t have DivX compression at your disposal. KC550 should have a built-in orientation sensor and games controllable using it. The review sample we have however, lacks any of those.

How do both low-cost models perform and what they can really offer you, we will reveal after their final versions com out.



1. unregistered

That first phone the LG KT610 looks exactly like the LG enV2, but with another OS.

6. unregistered

but 20 times better looking and probably doesnt pocket dial

2. VZW Employee unregistered

Wow! That phone does look almost like the new EnV 2 Verizon wireless is carrying. I wouldn't mind having this phone release on the GSM networrk.

3. unregistered

AT&T needs that first phone.

12. unregistered

i agree!

4. unregistered

when is freaking VZW gonna come out with phones like the KC550?! HELLA LAGGING ON THE COOL PHONES VZW!!!!

5. unregistered

haha, yea no kidding. verizon rejects good phones. thats why they came out with the unresponsive glyde and the pocket calling env2. two great phones with awesome potential but with two major flaws that make them unbearable

7. JP2291 unregistered

hell no t-mobile needs that lg kt610! at&t has got enough phones to keep their customers busy for awhile! no tmobile should get this phone to up their handsets. as a user and a rizr z3 owner i feel like they don't have a variety of phones to appeal to everyone. at&t, verizon, and sprint have had several phones come out over the couple of months and t-mobile has had like what 3 or 4? not even that I think. Yeah i'm a teenager but I know phones. Maybe it's because tmobile hasn't acquired the 3G network (which i really don't understand) but still i think that phone will appeal to alot of customers. especially those who don't want a sidekick or blackberry and it can be on a budget!

10. Charlie unregistered

I'm a teen, too, and I have T-Mobile because it has the cheapest GSM plan. I think they have like the worst phone line-up, that why I got a Nokia N95[-1] and I might be getting an E90 in the next few days. I also have the N96 pre-ordered through someone. I can't stand the low-end phones T-Mobile has, and I could never imagine switching to CDMA just for their semi-high-end phones. AT&T has a couple of new phones, and they are [or might be] getting the Bold, which is sweet. But this is about these two LG phones. I think if either T-Mobile or AT&T [or both] got the KT610, they would get a lot of sales; the enV2 hasn't been out for that long and they're already everywhere! Before school got out, there were atleast 20 people at my school with them already, and there aren't many people that go there [~1300]. One of the GSM networks should get it, and soon.

13. unregistered

t-mobile has the sidekick

8. unregistered

can i buy this online and put it on tmobile???

9. unregistered

Is lg kc550 software slow like secret? I hope not!

11. unregistered

I WANT the kt610.. OMG>> iv been looking so much for this phone online.. cant find any1 that sells it..

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