HTC says it will defend itself in response to Apple filing

HTC says it will defend itself in response to Apple filing
It's really no surprise that Taiwanese based manufacturer HTC said it would "fully defend itself" against Apple's lawsuit that charged the former firm from infringing on 20 Apple patents. To paraphrase, HTC said in a statement that while it strongly believes in protection of intellectual property, Apple is mistaken in this case. No word yet on whether or not HTC will be looking to countersue based on its own patent portfolio, but that is an option that HTC and its lawyers will probably consider.And when it came to answering questions about any involvement in the suit by Google, HTC took the fifth.

In a press release, HTC listed a number of the achievements it has produced over the years, rising from a contract manufacturer to become one of the top smartphone producers in the world. And while this doesn't show the guilt or innocence of the company, it does reveal what is at stake for the Taiwanese firm. Next week, HTC's 4G enabled Supersonic is expected to be introduced with superstar specs that are already producing drool for most cellphone fanatics. And right on the heels of that, T-Mobile will begin the U.S.launch of the highly desired HTC HD2. The action is just warming up in what will most likely be an epic multi-year battle between HTC and Apple. The only winner that we can predict now will be the attorneys and whichever deli they order from.

source: HTC via Engadget
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