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HTC Touch Pro2 makes a reappearance on Orange UK's web site

HTC Touch Pro2 makes a reappearance on Orange UK's web site
In a world where Android handsets seem to be dominating the smartphone landscape and very few Windows Mobile handset hitting mainstream appeal, there is one timeless handset that's making a return back to Orange. The HTC Touch Pro2 has long been the staple of Windows Mobile and has been regarded as a true work horse for individuals requiring a handset that offers them the flexibility of getting work done on the road. It so happens to be that the device has made a triumphant return to Orange UK's web site with the words of “Coming Soon” attached to it – which strangely enough disappeared for the site back in August. Whatever the reason is for its vanishing act, we're sure that this model Windows Mobile device will be happily be grabbed by customers even despite knowing that its hardware is dated when compared to some of the more refined newer models. Naturally there are probably some people out there hoping for the day when information comes around hinting to an eventual successor.

HTC Touch Pro2 Specifications | Review

source: Orange UK via Cool Smartphone


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