HTC Magic getting a dose of Froyo

HTC Magic getting a dose of Froyo
Vodafone UK customers still clinging to their HTC Magic can all rejoice now that the phones will be getting a taste of Android 2.2.1, better known as Froyo, much like its HTC myTouch 3G relative that has already begun receiving updates on the T-Mobile USA network.

Yes, Google has officially unveiled Android 2.3 Gingerbread. Yes, the Samsung Nexus S will be hitting the shelves shortly with a spec sheet reminiscent of the popular Galaxy S phones. Does that mean you should ditch your old hardware and hop on the baked cookie bandwagon? Absolutely not, but that is for you all to decide, especially if you are rocking an HTC Magic with an update on the way.

For the longest time, the HTC Magic and its T-Mobile USA doppelganger survived with outdated software. With new software on board, these phones can now keep up with the newest phones of the bunch. However, to line them up and compare hardware with the bad boys of the moment would be unfair.

Froyo brings some nice additions to the Magic, the same additions the myTouch 3G saw. In fact, take a look at the official quote from Vodafone:

Android 2.2.1 will give customers a number of improvements including: latest Gmail and Android Market clients; ability to save applications directly onto an SD card; support for USB tethering so the phone can be used as a modem; improved support for Active Sync Exchange (email, contacts and calendar sync); enhancements to Bluetooth; and enhancements to the camera. The update also includes the latest Google security patches.

Even though this isn’t quite Gingerbread, this is a serious improvement nonetheless despite what’s now considered to be underpowered hardware. For all of the Magic users that have received their update; tell us how the phone is handling it.

source: Android and Me

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