HTC EVO 4G is rooted way ahead of its official release

HTC EVO 4G is rooted way ahead of its official release
Now that there is a good amount of HTC EVO 4G units running around in the hands of hackers after Google handed out units to attendees of Google I/O 2010, it would've been some time before the upcoming handset would get rooted. Apparently that's exactly what happened way ahead of its scheduled launch of June 4th as a team of three hackers were willing and able to successfully root the smartphone way ahead of its release. So now it looks like future owners can get right into all the things that accompany the wonders of it getting rooted without any pause from day one. However, we'll all have to wait some time because the nature and details of the rooting process have not been made public just yet most likely because of a potential last minute patch being developed in time for its launch. Still, that shouldn't scare some people out there seeing that there will most likely be someone who will take up the challenge of overcoming it.

HTC EVO 4G Specifications | Hands-on

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