Google will now automatically search from your location regardless of domain used

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Google search will now return results based on your current location even if you have another country code selected
Google's mobile app for iOS, its mobile web site, and the desktop version of Google and Maps are undergoing a small but important change. Previously, the results you received for an international search were based on the country code selected. For example, search results from would be focused on the United Kingdom. And using would return Canadian results. But those days are gone.

Now, Google will base international search results on your location. For example, let's say that you're in New York and you use to search. The results will be related to your current location (New York).

Why do this? According to Google, 20% of searches these days are related to location; this is why it is important for the company to provide you with search results based on your current position. If there is a specific country you want to see results from that has nothing to do with your location, you can go to settings and select the country you want the search results from. Your choice will appear at the bottom of the page.

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