Google Nest's Oscars ad says treating women right starts at home

Now that Google once again is aligned with smart appliance maker Nest, you can expect a bump in the company's marketing budget. And it is very "Google"  that Nest's home surveillance system stars in a commercial that has another message to it, besides trying to sell you on home security. One message shows viewers the added safety inherent in having a doorbell with a smartphone accessible webcam built-in. The other message is one aimed at the #MeToo movement as the commercial is apparently giving young men rules on how women should be treated.

In the ad, a boy named Steven is about to head off to the prom with his date, Sarah. But Steven's father, who seemingly is standing by the front door, calls his son back for some advice. "Tonight's a big night. I want to make sure you understand how special Sarah is. So treat her with respect. And don't assume being her date means anything more than that. And one more thing Steven. Have fun, bud."

And as the ad comes to its end, we discover that Steven's Dad, a doctor, was actually speaking to his son from a hospital miles away. Using his smartphone, he was able to get visual and audio of the area by his front door thanks to the Google Nest surveillance camera. The tag line "it starts at home," nails down the real point of the ad. And did we mention how appropriate it is that the spot will debut during the Oscars telecast tomorrow night?

source: Nest


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