Google+ Hangouts has some fun Easter eggs

Google+ Hangouts has some fun Easter eggs
We all know that Google loves Easter eggs. The company puts them in many of its products, and the newly released Google+ Hangouts is no exception. There are actually six different Easter eggs for Hangouts users, but unfortunately, they aren't available on mobile, only in either the Chrome app or inside Google+ itself.

Basically, there are four codes that you can input to get a visit from some cartoony characters, including ponies, dinosaurs, and people; and, there are two codes that will change the background of your chat window. Most are simply phrases to input with a slash in front (ie /shydino), but there is also the famous Konami code. 

This isn't the first time Google has used the Konami code to trigger an Easter egg. You can also input the Konami code on the Home page of Google Reader (for a limited time), and if you enter the Konami code on a Chromebook Pixel, you get a light show. 

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