Fujitsu ES IS12F may be taking thin too far

Fujitsu Arrow ES IS12F may be taking thin too far
Tech companies need to remember to keep focus on the overall quality of a phone rather than making one feature overwhelming. It seems that Fujitsu may have forgotten that with its new Arrow ES IS12F smartphone, where it looks like Fujitsu was so focused on making the phone thin, the design team forgot to make it pretty too. 

It certainly isn't an ugly phone, it's just that aside from the thinness, there isn't a lot from a design standpoint to get excited about. The Fujitsu marketing says the Arrow is just 6.7mm thick, but given the profile of the phone, that should be qualified as 6.7mm at its thinnest point, because the phone is 8.5mm thick at the top. It is quite light as well at just 103g, and it's water-resistant, but that's where the specs stop being interesting. The Arrow is packing a 480x800 resolution AMOLED screen, a single-core 1.4Ghz Snapdragon SoC, NFC, a 5 MP rear camera, and no front camera. It is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread. 

The Arrow is due to launch in Japan on KDDI tomorrow, and there are already retailers online offering unlocked versions if you're interested in importing the phone. Of course, it will cost you about $750 to import, and while there may not be any thinner phones on the market, there are definitely far better values given the cost of the Arrow. Having a thin phone is great, but if you're paying new superphone prices for a thin phone with last-gen specs, that's just not cool. 

source: Fujitsu via The Verge

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