Flappy Bird developer drops a brand new game about ninjas and frustration


You may remember Flappy Bird as 2014's biggest flash-in-the-pan mobile game. Heck, you might still be keeping it around on your smartphone. It was absurdly popular because, being a huge Internet joke aside, it was designed to be easy to get into and impossible to beat – making it unusually addictive. It also made the simple life of its developer, Dong Nguyen, very complicated. Thankfully, that didn't scare him off from making games – genuinely likeable ones, at that. His latest release, in partnership with Obokaidem, is Ninja Spinki Challenges – a tiny game cut from the same cloth as Shuriken Block, Super Ball Juggling, Swing Copters, and Flappy Bird.

Since you've surely played at least one of these titles, you know what to expect – colorful retro presentation and simple, but challenging gameplay. Ninja Spinki Challenges is a collection of six minigames styled as ninja training exercises. They are mainly about dodging obstacles such as fireballs and kittens. As usual, there are no levels – it's about how long you last in each challenge and racking up a high score. The difficulty isn't downright sinister like Flappy Bird, but you will fail a lot until you master the ways of the ninja.

Ninja Spinki Challenges is up on Android and iOS

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