Facebook gives even your security phone number to advertisers

Facebook uses even your security phone number for targeted ads
The data collecting and sharing practices of Facebook have been under scrutiny for a while now. The list of privacy predicaments it has faced is pretty long. But the latest revelation is putting people even more on edge.

No piece of information is sacred for Facebook, it seems, now that it was forced to confirm that the phone numbers people use for two-factor authentication are part of the package that advertisers can use to target groups more accurately. While Facebook users assume the information they provide as part of their profiles could be used by advertisers, having the number used for security purposes also handed out to companies is rightfully considered a step too far.

This "service" allows a company that has your number to target you specifically with an ad. Let’s say you’ve called your internet provider to complain about connection issues. It can use that number to show you an ad on Facebook for its better, faster and more expensive internet option, if you’re using the same number for your two-factor authentication. It's easy to see why people find that a breach of privacy.

According to Facebook, the fact it was doing that wasn’t hidden and if users want to opt out of it, they can use another method for two-factor authentication. Currently that means using a third-party authentication app, something few Facebook users are familiar with. It seems that Facebook considers the practice perfectly acceptable and isn’t planning on stopping it.

Is this another nail in Facebook’s coffin, or have people already accepted that as long as they have the Facebook app installed, everything is up for grabs, what’s your opinion?

source: Gizmodo via TechCrunch

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