EU slashes costs of mobile roaming with lower rates starting Monday

EU slashes costs of mobile roaming with lower rates starting Monday
Starting on Monday, the cost for travelers in any EU country to use their mobile phone will be lower. The new EU rates for roaming will allow those making a call to pay 17% less for each minute while those receiving a call will pay 12% less each minute. A text message will be 11% cheaper under the new rates.

The new rules also affect the cost of downloading a map, something many travelers do, checking email and loading pictures. The price for downloading data while roaming will decline by 36% on Monday. Since 2007, the cost to download data while roaming in the EU has dropped by a whopping 91%.

The new rates starting tomorrow, not including taxes, will be 45 cents per MB to surf the web and download data, 24 cents a minute to make a phone call, 7 cents a minute to receive a call and 8 cents to send a text message. The EU says that these rates are down 80% all together since 2007.

source: TheGuardian


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