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Corning outs Vibrant Gorilla Glass - print anything on your shiny phone surface

Corning outs Vibrant Gorilla Glass - print anything on your shiny phone surface
Corning, the maker of all things tough and shiny, has come up with a new take on its signature hardened glass line, called Vibrant Gorilla Glass. Why vibrant? Well, it turns out you can print photo-quality images on one of the toughest transparent concoctions in the world now.

Yep, Corning came up with a way to put colorful pictures on, say, the rear of your smartphone, given how many of those are now made out of a glass and metal fusion. As per Corning, the prints can include "gradient colors and logos, photo-quality images and multi-color decorations," all in high-res and with decreased processing times. As per Scott Forester, the chief of Gorilla Glass Innovations:

Oh, joy. Queue the abominations, but some tasteful ideas could be implemented with Vibrant Gorilla Glass as well, so we can't wait to see what manufacturers will come up with. As a teaser, the company announced one of the first product that employs the customizable Vibrant Gorilla Glass prints - a new Chromebook by Acer; check it out below and tell us what you think.

source: Corning


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