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Consumers may not be interested in a Facebook phone

Posted: , by Scott H.

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Consumers may not be interested in a Facebook phone
In a recent test of consumer interest, an online poll found that 4 out of 5 respondents have no interest in a Facebook phone, and a mere 7% indicated they would buy one. The poll was hardly conducted in a scientifically valid manner, but it raises an important question: While it's obvious why Facebook would want to control a mobile OS, is there a place in the market for one?

Windows Phone 7, which has largely received critical praise, is still having a difficult time finding traction in the market despite a truly novel UI design and the strength of Microsoft’s marketing clout behind the platform. Any Facebook phone would have a similarly steep hill to climb, but would be even later to market and (being based on a forked version of Android) probably have less to differentiate itself with.

Another problem is consumer concern about Facebook and privacy. For all of the chatter that surrounds, Google, Apple, and Microsoft gaining too much user information, studies have shown that Facebook faces one of the lowest levels of consumer trust, which can only further erode interest in a mobile operating system created by Facebook.

Finally, it may be difficult to make a case for how the phone benefits consumers, since reasonably good Facebook apps are available on all the major mobile platforms. Full integration might reduce the number of clicks needed to share things to Facebook, but that utility was already offered in phones like the HTC ChaCha, which didn’t find widespread adoption in the market.

What do you guys think? Anyone out here desperately hoping for a Facebook-based smartphone?

source: All Things D

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posted on 28 Nov 2011, 14:21 3

1. Mr.Mr.Upgrade (Posts: 474; Member since: 30 Aug 2011)

Dum ideal

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 14:22

2. LewsTherin006 (Posts: 140; Member since: 18 Nov 2011)

i wonder what gave them that idea?

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 14:28 3

3. tacohunter (Posts: 408; Member since: 06 Nov 2011)

Yeah, I wouldn't buy it either. But still can they make something impressing?
The more and more I think about it. Nope.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 14:40 3

4. Kmack (Posts: 26; Member since: 15 Nov 2011)

Unless I was fourteen and growing breasts, i don't think i'd ever buy a phone intended primarily for Facebook. I know too many people making Facebook their #1 priority in life when it should just be something to enjoy when you have free time or need to communicate with someone. Oh, and no im not fourteen or growing breasts unfortunately.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 14:49 2

5. Cyd07 (Posts: 83; Member since: 03 Oct 2011)

If you are really keen on social networks, why not take a WP7 ? I heard they are good are that. In fact I have a Lumia 800, but I can't speak about it...no Facebook account...

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 15:23

6. LewsTherin006 (Posts: 140; Member since: 18 Nov 2011)

wp7 Me app is pretty cool. It takes all your social networks and lets you know if you have a notification. its really neat.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 15:34

7. Penny (Posts: 1672; Member since: 04 Feb 2011)

I am not normally paranoid or a privacy advocate, but yeah, I think I would shy away from a Facebook phone. I don't trust Zuckerberg enough to allow him to access every single thing I do on my phone.

Also, I think WP7 integrates FB to the point where I would not even consider a FB phone even if I were a more active Facebook user.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 18:15

13. tigermcm (Posts: 860; Member since: 02 Sep 2009)

I seriously agree with the mango update FB is seriously intergrated into WP7 I deleted my FB app there was no point on having it

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 15:40

8. McLTE (Posts: 922; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

I don't see the benefit of a FB phone.. what is so difficult or frustrating to do on the existing apps that a full blown FB phone would allow?

Plus.. when you have a spat with all your girlfriends and they start hating all over you.. you're probably stuck logged in and with their mean messages in your face constantly!

I could see FB requiring that you keep an account while you have the phone.. 20 months on contract!

You want to leave FB.. but can't! :P

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 16:07 1

9. Dr.Phil (Posts: 1639; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

I feel sorry that someone actually wasted their time doing this even though it wasn't scientific. I mean it's almost common sense. I knew people wouldn't be interested in a Facebook phone from the second I saw the HTC Status. I mean seriously I am done with Facebook. People lose their lives on that site. It's really a waste of time. Also who would want a Facebook UI? You don't share enough already so you have to share text messages too?

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 16:50

10. netizen (Posts: 62; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

I think it's humorous that people respond they are not interested in a facebook phone. " If they build it... .they will come"

People that would read this article may not be interested in a facebook phone (although I think we would all be surprised how many would), but if they build a facebook phone I think it will sell very well, and will have a real potential to rival the Iphone possibly even if it is done right.

If you have a poll and ask how many people are dependant/addicted to facebook, I am sure you would get an overwhelming low percentage respond yes.. But if you actually looked at how many times they checked their facebook per day you would find a very different percentage to be the case.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 17:23 1

11. Phoneguy007 (Posts: 218; Member since: 02 Jun 2011)

I just dont see any real benefit of having a "facebook phone"

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 17:32

12. rockstarlive (Posts: 307; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

The biggest reason is ......security.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 19:09 1

14. remixfa (Posts: 14605; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

i dont understand the benefit of a facebook phone either.. what exactly would it do that u cant already do on android/ios/wp7?? It just sounds like another superskinned android disaster waiting to happen.

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 19:09 2

15. Venuramax (Posts: 17; Member since: 10 Nov 2011)

There is a good facebook app for my ipad. So it useless of buying a facebook phone. Facebook is a part of our life, not the whole life

posted on 28 Nov 2011, 20:06 1

16. hepresearch (unregistered)

HTC decides that a Facebook phone would be really cool. Some potential consumers seem excited by the idea. The HTC Salsa and the HTC ChaCha/Status arrive... massive FAIL! Apparently, Motorola was developing a non-smart Facebook phone at about the same time, and despite the HTC release results, they could not put the breaks on in time, and had to release the thing... I have heard no good news from Motorola yet. And now... HTC, after looking at this slight disappointment, has decided that the Salsa and ChaCha were not Facebook-ish enough. No, they now need to make a more integrated, more specialized Facebook phone! Haha... ha.

Hey, that Facebook phone we made did not work out too well... it must not have been Facebook-ish enough... the next one will have to be even MORE Facebook-ish! Come on... gimmie a break! Bad HTC! Bad!

posted on 29 Nov 2011, 00:39 1

19. snowgator (Posts: 3604; Member since: 19 Jan 2011)

Hepresearch, buddy, NEVER stop posting.

After I got done laughing, all I can wonder is what HTC execs talk about behind closed doors. For all the successes they have had, they must have looked at their flops and said "How can we learn from this?"

4 shots of whatever the bourbon equivalent is in their Home country, they all were dancing with lampshades and figured it was a simple lesson of the consumer being wrong and them being right. Order another line of Facebook Phones, they will buy them!!

36 hours later, too hung over to admit it was supposed to be a joke, production began.....

posted on 29 Nov 2011, 09:28

20. hepresearch (unregistered)

Hahaha... awesome!

CEO: Hey, why are you guys putting a 1.5GHz dual-core processor in it? Isnt that a little... ummm... excessive?

Production manager: Well, sir, the decision of the board said that it needed to be able to run Farmville while still inside the Facebook web-shell...

CEO: Youre joking...

Production manager: ummm... nope. Here it is, in writing.

CEO: Crap! Who signed it?

Production manager: ummmm... you did, sir.


posted on 28 Nov 2011, 21:38 1

17. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3117; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

Honestly whenever I use Facebook Mobile(not the android, blackberry, ios, etc app) but just Facebook mobile itself. I never say to myself "gee I wish I had a facebook phone!" no it does the job, I update my status, I comment on my friends status, and that's good enough for me.

posted on 29 Nov 2011, 00:14 1

18. midhun (Posts: 5; Member since: 26 Nov 2011)

i can live with a facebook button...but a facebook phone ...no no

posted on 29 Nov 2011, 21:27

21. ghghj (Posts: 1; Member since: 29 Nov 2011)

wait wait wait wtf isnt that a htc inspire just in black who the hell makes that

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