Commercial for New Zealand carrier shows what might happen to your unused data every month

If your carrier allows you to rollover your unused data, you know where it goes to after every month. It goes right back into your account for another 30 days (or longer, depending on your carrier). But suppose your carrier doesn't allow you to rollover your unused data. What happens then to this paid for but never employed data? Well, it is just speculation, but New Zealand based wireless operator 2degrees Mobile has some ideas.

In a commercial for the mobile carrier, two men are sitting on a park bench, discussing what happens to their unused data. One guy suggests that it is sold on the black market by a shady character who sells it from his car. Another suggestion is that the data is stored in boxes and kept in a warehouse where it is decomposing. Or perhaps the unused data is smuggled out of the country and sold at auction.

The truth is a lot more depressing. According to the ad, the unused data is simply sold back to customers every month. The good news is that this is slowly changing as more and more carriers start to offer rollover data. By the way, 2degrees Mobile happens to be one of those carriers that is now rolling over unused data.

Check out the commercial from 2degrees Mobile by clicking on the video at the top of the story.

source: 2degreesmobile via CNET


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