Bluetooth SIG filing shows a fourth variant of the Nexus S; possibly heading to AT&T

Bluetooth SIG filing shows a fourth variant of the Nexus S; possibly heading to AT&T
If the Nexus One's path to AT&T has any indication, we might see the same thing happening for the recently launched Google Nexus S. When the original Nexus One was released, it was first available as an unlocked model that had 3G connectivity via T-Mobile's network, but eventually AT&T was graced with their own variant.

However, it seems like AT&T customers will soon be able to feast on a 3G-capable variant of the Nexus S after a recent Bluetooth SIG filing sheds some light on a fourth variant of the highly prized smartphone. Previously, we're seen three other versions of the Nexus S hit the FCC – the original GT-i9020, then the GT-i9020T, and finally the GT-i9023. Naturally, meticulous eyes now see that a fourth model is found in the Bluetooth SIG filing – which is none other than the GT-i9020A.

And when you read the descriptions of these models, it seems that they're all bound for the North American market – with the exception of the i9023 (going to Europe). But when you look at the i9020T variant, it's undoubtedly the model that's made to work for T-Mobile's network. So when we see the letter “A” at the end of i9020A, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to put the two together and assume that it's a variant specifically for AT&T.

Grated that AT&T customers will more than happily greet the Android 2.3 smartphone, there isn't anything officially confirmed yet to say for sure that it's coming. So in the mean time, we can just sit and wait until the good word follows through.

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