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BlackBerry used an iPhone to promote the Classic on Twitter

With BlackBerry actively trying to convince iPhone owners to give up their devices and get a ‘Berry instead, you’d think that no one working for the Canadian company is using iPhones. But, in reality, things are a bit different.

Earlier today, BlackBerry sent out a tweet - from its official Twitter account - asking followers to “keep up with the conversation”, adding a photo of the BlackBerry Classic - obviously suggesting that this new smartphone can help you type faster in any situation. The funny thing is that, whoever was in charger of tweeting this, didn’t use a BlackBerry to do it, but an iPhone. In the meantime, the tweet’s been deleted, but a snapshot of it was captured by The Verge, so we can still see it (on the left).

Of course, BlackBerry - like all smartphone makers, for that matter - is certainly testing rival products at all times. But using one to tweet from an official account can’t be too flattering, especially since a native Twitter app for BlackBerry has been around for quite some time.

source: The Verge
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