Bad reviews of Super Mario Run cause Nintendo shares to plummet


Nintendo's first real plunge into the world of mobile gaming has not been as glorious as many expected. The company has experienced an 11% decrease in stock value since Super Mario Run made its debut on Apple's App Store last week.

Despite claiming top spot in most countries as the most profitable game, Super Mario Run is currently rated with an abysmal score of 2.5 out of 5 stars in the App Store. Many players are dissatisfied with Nintendo's pricing strategy, as only three levels (plus a 20-second trial of the fourth) are available with the initial, free download of the app. In order for one to enjoy the full features of the title, one has to currently pay $10, a price that is considerably high in a free-to-play dominated market. People have also criticized the constant requirement for internet connection in order for the game to run, which restricts where and when it can be played.

On the other hand, some users have argued that Nintendo's first mobile product is very much worth it, as it basically is a full Mario game on a new platform, which makes the asking price seem more reasonable. This claim is further supported by the lack of ads and any other microtransactions, which are typical for most mobile games.

While such a severe drop in stock prices can be frightening, that does not necessarily mean that the Kyoto-based company came up with a bad product. It certainly is too early to draw conclusions on how Super Mario Run will be remembered, as the game has yet to make its debut on Google Play and any future price alterations could make it seem more appealing.

source: BBC

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