Apple to raise App Store prices in Japan today

Apple to raise App Store prices in Japan today
For those Japanese iOS owners who have a yen for buying paid apps (pun intended), it actually is the volatility of the Yen that is forcing Apple to raise the price of these apps in Japan starting today. Apple monitors the forex market, looking to even out dramatic moves amongst currencies. While Apple did not specify the size of the increase, developers can view the new Pricing Matrix on iTunes connect. Paid Applications contracts will be able to be viewed on iTunes connect after the new pricing structure is announced.

As a guide, we can look back at last October when Apple raised the price of an app costing $1 US in the App Store from €0.79, to €0.89. The year before, low priced apps in the U.K. received a rate hike of £0.59 to £0.69, while more expensive titles saw their price rise by over £2. The rate hike will take place in the Japanese App Store only.

source: AppleInsider

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