Apple still in the top 5, Huawei top dog in China for Q2

Apple still in the top 5, Huawei top dog in China for Q2
For all the troubles that Apple is encountering in the lucrative Chinese smartphone market, it is still in the top 5 of handset vendors there in terms of market share. Granted, at 8.6 million iPhone sold in China for the past quarter, it is still far from the 11.6 million it sold in the same quarter last year, but let's not forget that was the full year when iPhone fans finally got the larger screen diagonals they've been clamoring for, so it's a bit of an aberration.

Moreover, even the almighty Xiaomi, which makes perhaps the best phones for the price they are offered at in China, slid from the top to fourth place, giving a way to Huwei, Oppo and Vivo to take the first three spots by market share there. Oppo rode on the success of its R9 portfolio, which was heavily promoted and endorsed by various celebrities to sell 10 million units more than it did in Q2 of 2015. 

Huawei registered the smallest relative growth of 15% year-on-year, but it was already at second place last year, so this was enough for it to claim the big prize, moving no less than 19 million phones in Q2 alone. Samsung, for that matter, is not even in the top 5, as there are plenty of Androids to go up against in China, usually offering similar specs for much less money. It was thus forced to one-up its competitors by eventually offering its flagship Note 7 in a version with 6 GB RAM / 128 GB storage exclusively for China, but we'll see how this move will pan out in terms of sales.

source: IDC



1. TechieXP1969

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They are barely clinging to 5th place. which means maybe by next quarter, they will fall right off. I know they thought Chine Mobile would bring a win-fall of users. But when it was announce the first thing I asked was, how is Apple's pricing going to compete with all the cheap knock-offs sold there. many of which look identical to the iPhone. Now time has answered and with these new iPhone-like OEM's offering an iPhone-like device at less cost, Apple doesn't stand a chance. Just like in India. Apple is either going to have to release a sub-$400 phone that isn't a resurrected older model, or give up on many markets where they can't compete on price. IF Samsung is having a hard time in China and they make cheap phones, then what chance doesn't Apple have?

3. ctdog4748

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Well obviously Apple has a better chance than Samsung, since Apple so far is in the top 5.


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I think the Chinese really loved the 8th and 9th generation of iphone. For the past couple of years i've been visiting Shanghai, Wuxi and Zhejiang province, the i p h o n e s i m p l y d o m i nat e s the l e a g u e.

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