Apple inventory system now shows iPhone 4S

Apple inventory system now shows iPhone 4S
According to a tip from an anonymous source, Apple’s inventory system now has a listing for an iPhone 4S with the codename N90A that suggests they may be ready to show off two models at next week’s event.

The iPhone 4 was associated with the codename N90. The addition of the A may mean that the 4S is the incremental update that it has been rumored several times to be. When Apple released the iPhone 4 in June of 2010, they also released an 8GB version of the 3GS model as a cheaper alternative. If Apple does announce a fifth-generation model of their flagship device during their event at company headquarters, then the 4S could simply serve the same purpose that the 3GS did just last year.

We still don’t know for sure that Apple will show off two iPhone models next week, but for now at least we know that the iPhone 4S does exist. The 4S is rumored to feature the same body style as Apple’s current offering but with some improved internals such as the dual-core A5 processor. It is also believed that the 4S could have a better camera but it is possible the rumored 8 megapixel shooter could be reserved for the iPhone 5.

With only 6 more days before Apple’s “Let’s talk iPhone” event takes place, you can expect speculation to reach an all-time high. A new iPod Touch also showed up in the inventory system wearing the codename N81A. The fourth-generation of the iPod Touch sported the codename N81, suggesting that the iPod Touch may only be due for minor updates.

source: ipodnn

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