Apple buying touchscreen panels for tablet from Innolux?

Apple buying touchscreen panels for tablet from Innolux?
The mythical Apple tablet was supposed to be launched before the now expected Q1 of 2010, but a problem with the touchscreen forced the Cupertino based firm to delay the release of the product. Not only was the tablet delayed because of problems with the strength of the glass panels used for the display, the problem has forced Apple to seek other vendors who can offer a solution to the problem. According to DigiTimes, Innolux, a subsidiary of the Foxconn Group that will manufacture the tablet and puts together the iPhone, will be the primary source of the 10 inch touch panels for the tablet with Wintek becoming a possible secondary supplier at a later time. Foxconn's glass processing subsidiary, G-Tech Optoelectronics, will provide a process for strengthening the glass along with Taiwan based Wah Hong Industrial. The latter is a company that makes optical film. The Apple tablet is expected to be introduced in late January with shipments to take place starting in March or April based on DigiTimes analysis of the shipping schedules of Apple's component partners.

source: DigiTimes



3. dandirk unregistered

The amazing part is that tablets will be popular... thus invigorating the tablet market. Though from what I have read the islate will be a much more manageable formfactor and weight. Tablets have always been to bulky and heavy.

2. Kiltlifter

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Who cares... Windows has had tablets FOREVER!!!!! Way to play catch-up apple and pretend like you are innovating something that you are blatantly just copying from others and your iPhone. Apple is the John Williams of the computer industry.

1. clevername

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Am I the only one not getting suckered into these rumors of an impending islate/tablet? Ok it may be true about this glass but it is just as possible, in fact even more so that It is for the next iPhone/iPod touch. These devices actually exist, use glass screens, and at least one of them will have a new model this year(iPhone) so it stands to reason that the new glass is for the new model which will be, if it's not already, in mass production soon. Anyone who remembers the rumored bezels for the iPhone mini and redisigned bezels for the iPhone that appeared around this time last year knows rumors that include parts are iffy. And if u remember those pics of an iPod touch with a camera(that was all scratched up) then u know even pics of a product can't fully be trusted. I even remeber pcs of the iPhone 3G before it was announced, they looked just like the iPhone 3g but came in red also. And this was when the 3g was just a rumor. All this proves u gotta take it with a grain of salt.

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