Apple 'E-Wallet' icon spied on U.S. patent awards

Apple 'E-Wallet' icon spied on U.S. patent awards
The next generation of the iPhone (iPhone 5?), is expected to come with Near Field Computing chips, that will allow your iPhone to be used as a virtual wallet, in addition to many other functions. And a recent patent award from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office shows an encouraging "e-Wallet" icon.

The "e-Wallet" icon could just be a preliminary mock-up, but it's a harbinger of great things to come for the iPhone. After all, Android competitors like the Nexus S by Google are including NFC functionality, so the iPhone has to keep pace. Additionally, Apple might be able to subsidize payment stations to major retailers, or even offer them for free in order to boost iPhone sales.

Although Google hasn't yet activated support for mobile payments on the Nexus S, they have already begun to stake their territory with NFC decals that make retailers more interactive. Apple may attempt to do the same, or establish a foothold in widespread NFC advertising, that would make everything from a road-sign to a movie-poster an interactive experience.

What do you want from your NFC experience? The sky is the limit.

source: Patently Apple via Electricpig



1. clevername

Posts: 1436; Member since: Jul 11, 2008

Is this really a recent mock up? The iTunes, text, and Calculator apps haven't look like that since before iOS 3. Not to mention they drew a mock up of an original iphone (look at the speaker holes) and not an iPhone 4. Maybe an old idea brought back to life? Of well not that important, just saying.

2. Cal unregistered

Most patents are published 18 - 24 months after their original filing so that the competition doesn't get to see the current work. This gives Apple time to perfect an idea before coming to market. The age of the icons reflect that time, but that doesn't mean that's old by Patent time. You're actually looking back in time. That's to show you that Apple has been working on the ewallet for some time now. Kudos to Apple.

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