Another BlackBerry Storm OS found online, now up to .87; Storm warnings for India

Another BlackBerry Storm OS found online, now up to .87; Storm warnings for India
If today is Thursday, it means it is time for another BlackBerry Storm OS upgrade, leaked online, of course. Soon, we will need an abacus or a mainframe to count what number we are at. For the record, the new OS is and is designed for the Vodafone 9500 model. Early reports from those who took the risk say that the phone is zippier and the browser renders sites faster. The last official release for stateside Storms was version .75. While that release did clear up some of the bugs that the device had after its initial release, there are still many issues that need to be resolved before the Storm OS could be considered stable. When first shipped, the phone came with OS .65.

As of today, the first touchscreen BlackBerry is available in India through Vodafone. Indian authorities had security issues with the phone because Indian law requires at least one server be placed in the country and all of the BlackBerry servers were situated outside India. This issue has been resolved and another area of the world gets the Storm today.



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