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AT&T's GoPhone gives pre-paid users more high-speed data to use

AT&T's GoPhone gives pre-paid users more high-speed data to use
Hey, consumers using a pre-paid carrier are people too. They want the same things that postpaid subscribers want including the best for their kids, a good 5 cent cigar, and a losing season for the New England Patriots. They also want as much high-speed data each month as they can get their hands on. While AT&T can't do much about your kids, cigars and Tom Brady, it can and did do something about the amount of high-speed data available each month.

GoPhone subscribers get unlimited talk, text and data. But once they exceed a certain high-speed data cap, they are throttled down to 128Kbps for the remainder of the month. Starting this Friday, AT&T GoPhone subscribers paying $45 a month for the 1GB data plan will actually receive 1.5GB of high-speed data. Those paying $60 a month for the 2.5GB data plan will be given 4GB of high-speed data. Those with the $60 plan will also be allowed to make unlimited calls to Mexico.

The two plans include unlimited texts to Mexico, Canada and over 100 other countries. They also include access to AT&T's Wi-Fi hot spots. The extra high-speed data is automatically added to the $45 and $60 pre-paid accounts, which means you don't have to call customer service to activate it.

source: AT&T via Engadget
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