AT&T now offers the Samsung Gear IconX, the revised Gear VR (2016) headset and the Connect auto plug

AT&T now offers the Samsung Gear IconX, the revised Gear VR (2016) headset and the Connect auto plug
Starting today, AT&T is offering three different Samsung products from its physical and online stores. The three include the Gear IconX, which is a pair of wireless earbuds that rely on Bluetooth connectivity. 4GB of built-in storage will save up to 1,000 tunes. The device also integrates with third party fitness bands and the S Health app to measure your heart rate, amount of calories burned, the number of miles walked, and more. The Samsung Gear IconX is available for $199.

Because the original Samsung Gear VR headset only worked with devices sporting the microUSB port, Samsung had to revise the device so that it would work with the Type-C USB port found on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. AT&T is now offering the SamsungGear VR (2016) for $99. Not only will the new model work on both microUSB and Type-C ports, it now has a wider 101 degree field-of-view (up from 96 degrees) and there is additional padding to make the device more comfortable.

Lastly, Samsung Connect auto plugs into a car’s OBD II slot and provides up to ten lines of AT&T 4G LTE service. It also sends out real-time notifications that alert you to possible collisions, and shares data to improve driving behavior. The device is free with a signed two-year pact. It can be added to a Mobile Share Value or Mobile Share Advantage plan for $10 per month.

If you're interested in any of these three devices, click on the appropriate sourcelink. You can also see images of all three by tapping on the slideshow below.

source: AT&T (Gear IconX), (Gear VR 2016), (Connect auto)


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