AT&T is offering HBO for free or at a discount to DirecTV Now subscribers

AT&T is offering HBO for free or at a discount to DirecTV Now subscribers
DirecTV Now has been out in the wild since November 30, and things have been far from smooth sailing since its launch. Just a day after the service went live, subscribers were faced with heaps of sign-in errors, content that was being blocked for no discernible reason, and a lot more. AT&T (DirecTV Now's owner) seems to have ironed out most of these issues, and announced today that customers who have stuck it out through these growing pains would be getting rewarded with free HBO.

If you've been a subscriber to DirecTV Now since March 6 or earlier, you're eligible to receive HBO either for free or at a discounted rate. Customers that are subscribed to the Go Big or Gotta Have It plan ($60/month and $70/month respectively) will be rewarded with HBO for free for a total of twelve months, whereas folks who have either the Live a Little or Just Right package ($35/month and $50/month) will be able to get HBO as a discount of $5 for six months.

Subscribers of DirecTV Now that are already paying for HBO should see their monthly charges adjust based on which plan they're signed up with, and you'll also be able to log into HBO Go with your login email and password for DirecTV Now. A lot of customers are currently reaching out to DirecTV Now's support account on Twitter reporting issues of HBO not activating on their account right away, but be aware that it could take up to 24 hours for the new channel to be added to your lineup.

source: AT&T


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