AT&T adds contract-free Mobile Share Value Plans, offers new option for AT&T Next

AT&T adds contract-free Mobile Share Value Plans, offers new option for AT&T Next
AT&T has announced lower priced Mobile Share Value Plans in an effort to add more customers to the nation's second largest carrier. The new plans are more affordable and are available for new and existing AT&T customers. If you already have service from the operator and want to switch to one of the new plans, you need to call AT&T and express your desire to make the change.

With the Mobile Share Value Plans, you can bring your own device, pay full price for a phone, subscribe to AT&T Next or fulfill a contract and save $15 a month over the regular $40 monthly rate for a smartphone on a Mobile Share plan. In other words, if you use an unsubsidized phone, you will pay $25 a month plus the cost of your monthly data. And AT&T has added a new 8GB bucket for $90 a month. A tablet can be added for $10 a month while a featurephone will cost you an additional $20 monthly. And of course, the plans include unlimited talk and text.

AT&T is also adding another option to AT&T Next starting on Sunday. In addition to the current 12 month payment option, the carrier will offer an 18 month plan and the new smartphone will be paid off in 26 monthly installments. After 18 months, the customer can trade in his current device for a new model. This is designed for those who don't want to upgrade every 12 months or want to pay a lower monthly rate for a new phone. AT&T Next lets you buy a new phone for zero down and pay it off in monthly installments. Depending on the plan you choose, after making payments for 12 or 18 months, you can trade-in the current phone being used for a new handset.

source: AT&T

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