AT&T Mobility to begin handset trade in program?

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AT&T Mobility to begin handset trade in program?
It sounds more apropos for a car dealership, but Boy Genius Report has a story speculating about a possible hand-set trade-in plan for customers of Ma Bell. Of course, if it is implemented, a whole set of rules and conditions drafted by the suits in legal would apply. The phone being traded in would have to be no more than 2 years old (make sure you have the device's appropriate papers) and be in "fair" condition. Right there is a major problem because one person's idea of fair is another person's poor condition. The phone being bought will not be subsidized and the trade-in will be valued between $50 and $200 dollars. In many cases, the value of any subsidy could vastly be more money than that of a trade-in. We will have to see if this is more than wishful thinking, a trial balloon or if it has gone further up the corporate ladder.

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1. WKlingbeil

Posts: 215; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

Not exactly a mind-blowing deal if you ask me, I mean, if they were offering the trade-ins for subsidized phones, VZW would be right to be nervous. Since that's not the case, it really isn't too great of a deal, because you figure, the only way you'd get $200 is with a high-end, probably 1 year old phone. Someone with that phone would probably be interested in another high-end phone, so they'd be looking at an iPhone, or Bold, and full retail on those 2 phones would vary from probably around $400 up to $600 for the Bold. Enjoy paying $400 still for the Bold, I'll take the 2-year contract... Fortunately I work at one of the carriers, so I don't have contracts, which definitely works to my benefit.

2. PapaJay224

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I agree, plus At&t isnt even profitiable at this point, so I this deal is good, in this economy it has to be, than there losing money. At&t isn't a pawn shop there will be no steal deals here...I think its going to come down to folks having rediculously old phones who get 50$ off a new phone after there's breaks and they dont want to renew...woopity doo! NO ONE WANTS TO SPEND MONEY!!!!! I think I am withyou take the contract who cares how long, you need a cell phone anyways so just pay it and MOVE ON! Stop quarling over coorperate customer rights...I deserve this, I deserve that..blah blah blah, Cm satisfaction never came from to much "dis-satisfaction" it came from whiney people not getting what they want like we're all some kind of resteraunt and people can send the food back whenever they want, bottom line is, you came to us, pay your bill talk on your phone and relax, Ive takin a crap thats lasted longer than a 2 year contract...Seacrest OUT!

3. PapaJay224

Posts: 866; Member since: Feb 08, 2009

As a follow up I would like to add, If everone just switched to Verizon, At&t wouldn't have to make stuff up...Issue resolved GO VERIZON! WOOOOO!

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