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A slew of new phones from LG

What happens when you cross Asian phone company with mobile show? -Lots of new models. This proved right again, here at Mobile World Congress. In addition to the heavily advertised touch KF700, KF600 and the KF510, LG announced another nine phones.

LG KT610 is a side-opening clamshell with tiny screen and numeric keypad on the front and normal 2.4” landscape oriented QVGA display and full QWERTY on the inside. While the functionality when closed is pretty limited (still you can conduct a call and even start one), when opened the KT610 is a full-featured Symbian S60 smartphone. It is tri-band GSM with UMTS/HSDPA, full HTML web browser, Bluetooth, 2-megapixel camera and microSD.

Remember the Sony Ericsson W350? Well, the idea of the KM330 by LG is the same – it is slim simple device that tries to bring the flip form factor back into the game. When closed it has shortcuts for the music player, which is what it is targeted for, and on the inside is the normal keyboard. The display is 2-inch QVGA and the support of microSDHC cards allows for up to 32GB of memory for the customer.

KB620 is a TV-dedicated phone, with DVB-H broadcasting support. It is touted as ‘compact’ clamshell which has landscape display (we guess the shell flips over as the Samsung FlipShot?). Aside from the TV, it is just an ordinary mid-level phone with 2-megapixel camera and 100MB of memory + microSD.

The KT520 is a slider with new finger mouse which supposedly will allow 360 degree navigation, whatever that means. The device is mainly targeted for the Net surfers, with its zoom in/out functions, dedicated Internet Hotkey and single band HSDPA.

The KM500 is a lower mid-range music oriented phone. Similar to Sony Ericsson with its TrackID, LG offers Music ID with this device for easy song recognition. The phones has only 50MB of built-in memory, which can be expended to up to 32GB via the microSDHC support. An interesting feature is the listening sharing with up to 4 people wirelessly or with wires.

KM710 is similar to KM500, but it's from the higher mid range. It lacks 3G but features a very interesting Interactive display. There is a touch sensitive semi-sphere button, which shows the current functionality the phone is able to perform. So for example when you are in the main menu and go to Messaging, that icon will show in the middle of the button and when clicked messaging menu will be invoked.

The KF310 does not offer anything exclusive rather than clean design, 2.0” display, Google Package preloaded: Search, Maps and Gmail. Other features include microSD port and 2.0 mega pixel camera.

At the end, there are the low-end models: the KP130 and KP235. The first is slim (13.4mm) candybar with VGA camera while the second is clamshell with the same resolution camera and Bluetooth. Both are dual-band GSM phones for the European market.
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