Sony Ericsson W660 Preview

Sony Ericsson W660 Preview
The W660 was announced in March as a mid-level Walkman phone with stylish design. It redesigns the W810, changes a little some features and adds 3G UMTS for faster Internet speed. We will do a quick preview as this device is not in final version, but a prototype.

The W660 will be available in two color versions – combination of black and gold and another version with pink instead of black. We are testing the black one and like how gold combines with it – the phone looks very stylish, sport-elegant.

A big drawback is that the display has only 176x220 pixels resolution, instead of 240x320 (QVGA) which is used in almost all new phones (from mid and high level) of the manufacturer. The low-resolution display makes us compare the W660 with old generation Walkmans like the W810 instead of the new ones. The dimensions of the two are also very similar but the W660 is slimmer, at 0.6 inches (14.5mm) instead of 0.8” (19.5mm). Still it is way fatter than the 0.4” (9.4mm) W880 which also has QVGA display.

[img full [[16241:"1",16240:"2",16242:"3"]:"1-st and 2-nd images, from left to right - W910, W580, S500, T250, W660; 3-th image, from top to bottom - W910, T250, W660, S500, W580"] /]

PhoneArena's Sony Ericsson W660 Video Review / Preview:

navigation keys are grouped in three “circles” – the left one houses the left soft key, the Walkman shortcut and the back (arrow) key. The middle one is the 5-way d-pad and the right one has the right soft key, the shortcut button and the clear key. Those keys could be bigger but if they are not in those circular forms.

The numeric keys below are tightly next to each other, all in rectangular form and with same size. They are press softly and you cannot press two buttons at the same time with one finger, even if yours are big. The whole keyboard has white backlight, but when the Walkman player is started it changes to orange.

On the left are the

The phonebook, organizer, messasing and other functionality is the typical for Sony Ericsson phones with all the pros and cons of that software – we won’t show them in this preview.

If you can live with mediocre display and need 3G, the W660 is a stylish Walkman phone. Otherwise, we would suggest you looking at the W880 or the W910 slider.

Don't forget to check our Gallery for a few more images.

Expect our full review when final, commercial samples are released.

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1. unregistered

ye man nice phone....isn't the speaker loud???

2. maahadi unregistered

the speaker is ok for normal hearing..but if u expect more,use the earphone that shipped together,u will get mega bass...
  • Display 2.0" 176 x 220 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.016 GB
  • Battery 950 mAh(6.00h talk time)

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