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Nokia 2125i is an entry-level CDMA phone from Nokia. It is in bar form-factor and has internal antenna. It is powered by 1070Mah Li-Ion battery and has an integrated flashlight. The 2125i is also JAVA capable and has 65k color display.


  • Proprietary USB connector

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Resolution: 65 x 96 pixels
Technology: STN


Capacity: 1070 mAh
Type: Li - Ion, User replaceable
Dimensions: 4.03 x 1.66 x 0.85 inches (102 x 42 x 22 mm)
Weight: 3.00 oz (85.0 g)
Features: Interchangeable covers, Numeric keypad, Soft keys


AMPS: 800 MHz
AMPS only for 2125i

Connectivity & Features

USB: Proprietary
Location: GPS
Other: Computer sync

Regulatory Approval

FCC approval:
Date approved: Jun 11, 2005
FCC ID value: QMNRH-71
Measured SAR:
Head: 1.10 W/kg
Measured in: 1900 MHz
Body: 0.65 W/kg
Measured in: 1900 MHz
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Phone owned for -

Paid $23.99 at Wall-Mart. Too quiet. Sometimes I have to put it on spekerphone just to hear it. It is also static. Never got any dropped calls. The buttons are too easy to stick and you have to lock it. also, it does not have a vibrate shortcut. Not many features, just basic. Pretty good battery life, but I noticed that the battery level stays on FULL for awhile, then shoots down to LOW. Not very stylish and gets dusty for no reason under cover. You have to lift the top of to clean it. The thing that I will miss the most though, is the flashlight. MAN! that thing was handy. Almost kept it just for that reason.

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Good BASIC phone (Nokia 2126)
Phone owned for -

If you don't want any extras and don't care about the look or feel of the phone, then this phone will work great for you. We just needed a basic phone for emergencies but found this to be too basic and uncomfortable. Our phone has always been kept in our clean (dust-free) house and this phone has ended up with tons of dust covering the inside of the screen. There is no way to clean it because you can't get to it. It is very embarrassing to show people my phone. It is also too small to be comfortable when talking on. And, when I send this phone with my teenager, and he has to call me, he forgets to 'lock' the phone after using it so we end up with wasted minutes (the buttons are too easy to push). Overall, you can't beat the value for the money but if you're looking for something that feels great in your hand and looks nice, look elsewhere. We'll be upgrading soon!

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very basic
Phone owned for -

i had the nokia 2126 it was a good phone the signal went everywhere,it only costs 19.99$ great for the dollar,but if you are technology conscious this is for you simple features like caller id,speakerfone,voice record,it comes with 10 wallpapers,20 24chord ringtones,a LED flashlight(i love that there is so many times i needed a flashlight and i had it on my cellphone so cool OVERALL A GREAT PHONE IF YOU NEED COVERAGE MORE THAN A CAMERA,OR A VOICE RECORD MORE THAN A BLUETOOTH CON. xoxo -bubby :-)

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