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The flexible Vodafone EVO plans: always have a fresh phone

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In today’s world, it’s always great to have a fresh phone — one that looks great, runs great, and always has dependable battery. But mobile plans tend to tie us into these 2- or 3-year contracts where we can’t really upgrade when we want to — it’s a waiting game of lost opportunities.

In comes Vodafone EVO — a brand-new, flexible mobile service offer to meet your specific needs. Whether you like upgrading to a new handset every year, or you prefer to keep your old phone but have it serviced with a fresh battery every now and then, take a look at Vodafone EVO.

What is Vodafone EVO?

Vodafone EVO is a combination of device financing with trade-ins, and flexible mobile service contracts. Right from the start, you choose the smartphone you want, the mobile plan you want, and how long you wish to sign for (from 12 months to 36 months).

If you sign up for Vodafone EVO plan you can trade-in your old smartphone to get a better price on the shiny new one you choose, and you get 50% off on smartwatch plans — applicable if you have a cellular smartwatch.

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What are the Vodafone EVO benefits?

Vodafone EVO plans have “Xtra” benefits added on top. These include

  • Annual phone upgrade: as soon as you are 12 months into your EVO plan, you can bring your phone for a trade-in and upgrade to the next model

  • Battery Refresh: alternatively, if you prefer to keep your new smartphone for as long as possible — the Battery refresh program has you covered for up to 36 months. Bring your phone in for a health check-up and get a free battery replacement, if needed.

  • Total Care Warranty: brand-new phones are great, but it’s always good to have some extra piece of mind. Any phone you get on Vodafone EVO is covered by a 24-month Total Care Warranty, which will take care of any manufacturer issues and the repairs needed.

  • Unlimited picture messages: texts have been free for years now, but what if you want to send your favorite photos and videos? Well, Vodafone EVO also gets you unlimited picture and video messages.

  • 81 roam-free destinations: for the travelers out there, Vodafone EVO ensures no extra costs when calling from locations around the world.

  • 50% off smartwatch connectivity: if you have a cellular smartwatch, you can tie it to your Vodafone account and phone number. You are free to go for a jog with just a smartwatch for only £3.50 a month

  • More flexibility in the My Vodafone app: choose to pay off your entire phone plan early, or put down a partial payment, which will reduce your monthly phone plan costs from that point onwards. Once your phone plan is fully paid off, you can keep using the Xtra plan for as long as you like, upgrade, or leave.

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