iPhone 3G, OS 2.0 now available

iPhone 3G, OS 2.0 now available
Today is a big day for every true Apple fan. It’s the day when iPhone 3G is released on the market around the world. A little over a year after the first generation became available, 3G will try to repeat its success. Even though the excitement is not as big as in 2007, in every country getting the second generation, queues have started to form days ago. People camp in tents just to make sure they are among the first ones to get their hands on “the best iPod”. Read below if it’s worth it.

When announcing the second generation iPhone, Steve Jobs killed the dreams of many fans, revealing that it will fix the biggest hardware drawbacks (lack of 3G and GPS) but won’t be an entirely new device. It’s based on the original one with nearly the same design and functionality.

The look is almost absolutely identical. The speculations for a higher quality materials didn’t prove correct and the only change in this aspect is that the high-quality feel of the metal back is now missing, replaced by plastic. Although some will not like it, others will appreciate that the weight didn’t get larger and that the 3G will be offered in two color options: with white or black back.

The other rumor, giving the iPhone a slimmer body, also proved to be wrong. Overall, the 3G variant has the same thickness and size with the first generation, being slightly slimmer in the edges only. However, the difference is so minor that nobody will notice it, unless they compare both side by side.

The third and last variation in hardware aspect is the redesign of the 3.5 mm jack for stereo headphones. iPhone was touted as the best iPod when it was announced, but what is a PMP without a decent pair of headphones? – Nothing. A design flaw in the original iPhone didn’t allow the customer to use just any 3.5 mm headphones, as the jack itself was deeply in the body and only some models were able to connect. This lead to “Designed for iPhone” branded headphones, and greatly limited the options. This problem is now solved in the 3G and you can plug and use just any 3.5mm ‘phones.

That’s all for the hardware part, and what about the software?

Well, actually nothing too great in the 3G. Don’t get us wrong: the new iPhone 2.0 software really has some (probably great) benefits, but it will be available for free to users of the original iPhone, so it is not exclusively for the owners of the second gen. Kudos to Apple for allowing their customers to stay up-to-date.

Searching through the contacts list is now possible, inputting via the on-screen QWERTY. If you don’t like scrolling through the whole list, you will definitely be happy about this feature.

Push email is now supported straight out of the box, thanks to Microsoft Exchange. Apple clearly targets the iPhone not only as a multimedia device but also as an enterprise smartphone; now with push email, it can really try to compete with Windows Mobile and BlackBerry phones.

But what else was missing in the iPhone, to be called a smart phone? The option to add functionality by installing applications. Although it was made possible with the Installer.app appearing on jailbroken (unlocked) devices, it was not officially supported by Apple. Not anymore. The 2.0 software comes with the Application Store, for which Apple released an SDK. Currently, there are over 500 applications available for download. Steve Jobs said that 25% of the content will be free and 90% of the rest will be offered for $9.99 or less. This turns the iPhone OS into the latest operating system for smart devices; and as the iPhone itself is now an extremely popular device, available (officially) in 22 countries (and counting), and loved by the developers (the 500 apps exceeded Mr. Jobs’ expectations for about 200), it surely looks promising. Only time will tell if it will become one of the greatest smartphone systems, but we are optimistic about that.

However, unlike other operating systems, which are offered on devices by different manufacturers, the iPhone OS is used by Apple’s phones (and PMPs) only. This means that if you want to use this OS, you are locked to one of the two iPhones. And although they surely are great devices as a whole, they still have some negative sides left unfixed in the second generation.

This includes some of the greatest software drawbacks of the iPhone: if you are heavy texter, email is still the only solution for exchanging photos - MMS is still not officially supported. If you are a fan of homemade videos, don’t throw away your camcorder, because video capturing is not supported either. Want to listen to music on wireless speakers or headphones? – Apple won’t allow you to do it and Bluetooth is locked for usage with mono headsets only.

Another unaltered gear is the camera; although it makes nice photos to be used as caller ID picture and they are OK for emailing, the 2-megapixel camera is definitely not a selling point. If you are on the market for a smartphone with large camera resolution, Windows Mobile and Symbian will offer you devices with 5-megapixels. The 3.5” 320x480 display is also the same as the first generation iPhone, but no bad feelings here – it is great. However, if you want a VGA or higher, look somewhere else.

After all, iPhone is iPhone. Apple’s products have always had the fairy-tale look, leading numbers of fans who would give their lives, to protect the brand’s name from those who do not understand them at all. It’s really up to the person whether they’re going to like this type of smartphone, but if you are hesitating, you should buy one. It is hard to describe “iPhone’s magic” and only the people who have used it are true believers. It is unique in its class and no matter how hard some other manufacturers try, at least for now, they create different (not worse) devices. Give it a try and see; if you find yourself on the other side (opposing iPhone), you have 30 days to return it. Then, simply check out our comprehensive phone filter, to find the phone you need.

Expect our iPhone 3G Review soon. Until then, please tell is if you get one and did it met your expectations.



1. pwned unregistered

if you buy this you are getting pwned by apple....the gps support isnt even real GPS, there IS NO TURN BY TURN DIRECTIONS ON IT LMAo go buy a DARE if you want a real touchscreen multimedia devie or wAIT FOR THE THUNDER....VZW FOR THE WIN BITCHES

2. unregistered

+1 for u!!!! haha and verizon!!!!

3. unregistered

Hahaha that sucks way to inovate. Throw 3g support in for a network with crap 3g coverage and don't fix the stuff that does work like mms

9. unregistered

For so many people who are so anti-iphone you guys sure spend a lot of time reading and commenting on their threads.... losers get a life and keep your Verizon

17. tgijosh unregistered

There is still one thing this phone has that nothing else compares to. There is nothing like an ipod. No other phone manages your music like the iphone. The new software apps are very cool, especially the apple remote. If you want video get a flip cam, cell phone videos suck anyway. This is still the best phone out there. Verizon sucks and so does their crappy UI. And stop TalKinG liKe ThIs, are you 5 years old?? Can you even use a phone except to call mommy?

27. unregistered

Do your research. Of course the iPhone 3G has real GPS on it and turn by turn directions. Now if you are a lazy ass and want audible directions you can always download the free application from the app store and get audible turn by turn directions.

28. unregistered

Why crap 3G coverage, AT&T's 3G coverage is just a bit smaller than Sprint's and Verizon's. Oh yeah and when it comes to MMS, you can always download the FREE application from the app store and get MMS. So do your research and quit commenting from your heart and limited knowledge.

4. The Walt unregistered

Why Verizon Wireless? Does the iPhone have it? VZW:Offers over the air music downloads without having to be in a Wi-Fi Hotspot iPhone: NO: OTA downloads are limited to Wi-Fi Hotspots VZW:Offers Unlimited Access to Millions of songs through a subscription option like Rhapsody iPhone: NO VZW:Free Song ID iPhone: NO VZW:Bluetooth Stereo headset iPhone: NO VZW:Picture and Video Messaging or Video Capture iPhone:NO VZW:VZ Navigator: Audible turn-by-turn directions with traffic integration, weather and cheap gas finder iPhone: NO: GPS turn-by-turn directions are not audio VZW:Watch broadcast television on the go iPhone: NO VZW:Removable batteries: an option for extended batteries iPhone: NO VZW:3G network spanning more than 80 percent of the U.S. population iPhone: NO: AT&T’s 3G network covers 40-50 percent of the U.S. population

7. EN unregistered

yeah yeah yeah. We all know that the iphone is missing things that Verizon offers. Do you guys have to post this in every single site about the iphone. Don't you think that people already know this. You guys are quick to call people apple fanboys but i think there are verizon fanboys that are far worse. I know iphone users brag about how the iphone is the best phone, but at least they don't go to every single little article and start complaining about the verizon phones (even though I know there are some who do). Its like the word "iphone" catches verizon customer's attention and draws them in. Every single article on the iphone has verizon people bashing and trying to destroy the rep of the iphone. Its almost like a new hobby. I have Verizon Voyager and you guys don't see me whining about the iphone. You guys don't have to click the link you know.

11. unregistered

wow, way too much effort put into listing what verizon has over iphone. we get it...verizon service is better. but wait a minute...apple has been making phones for how long? oh yea, only a year. everybody needs to calm the F down. give them some props for dominating the market faster than any phone company ever and let people cum all over their iphones.

13. unregistered

Man I work for Verizon and I know the pros and cons and I still bought an iPhone, unlocked it and used it with T-mobile. It goes great with my Blackberry. Walt, Chill out

25. C-Chickie unregistered

You work for VZW... ok got that You bought an IPHONE... Ok.... and you put the thing on T-Mobile?! WOW! You just showed ALOT of faith in your product! I work for Alltel so I will sit there a show respect to Verizon to an extent but at least I know that the number one rule in sales it believe in your product and by carrying about an Iphone on a T-Mobile network is NOT believing in your product. "But IPHONE is gsm not cdma, I cant use it on Verizon." THEN GET A JOB A t-MOBILE. Honestly if I was your boss, I'd slap you upside the head... Bone-headed move.... I hope your sales make up for it

5. unregistered

yea i agree. i got my dare a few days ago and im loving it.

6. JT Strings unregistered

I've been wit ATT for years and i was excited bout the new iphone and its slash price but looking at the plans for it....lol...yea right I'll pass and wait for another phone to come out maybe the Bold cause its not worth it at all im a wait to see if ATT will be getting another HTC PHONE...

8. unregistered

If any of you ahve actually used the iPhone touch screen then you would know why people love it so much...the Voyager, Dare, Instinct..even the LG Vu for att have GARBAGE touch screens..If I wanted a half-ass touch screen I'll change over to Verizon.

12. unregistered

"If any of you ahve actually used the iPhone touch screen then you would know why people love it so much" SO TRUE

10. unregistered

Agreed with the touchscreen comment. Too many people that haven't used the phone have their made up fantasy comments on it. No other phone can hold a candle to it's touchscreen, bottom line. And yes I have used the other touchscreen phones and own the Voyager now. Loved the iPhone but I moved to a non-coverage area with AT&T. Get a life if you dont' know the facts and are making things up and jumping on the iPhone hater bandwagon!!!!!!!

14. Booo unregistered

I own the iphone and I agree that the touch screen is AMAZING, however is not the best out there. Your comments need to be turned upside down because is ALL of you that haven't used or try any other touch phones think that the iphone is the best, you can't really compare unless you have TRULY used them all. The iphone is HOT and revolutionary, but it lacks too MUCH. The DARE provides great feedback when it's touched and it has the best network, the instict is also great but it lacks speed when it's touched. So BE FARE and stop hating on everyone else because you LOVE your phone. Explore options and be open, the iphone is not all there is out there, the iphone is just another phone with great tactics and an AMAZING company (Apple) to back it up, but with the second best network which sucks in too many places.

15. Man_of_God unregistered

Hands down, Apple knows how to market their products. The quality is superb and the functionality is top notch. I work for VZW. If you don't like the iPhone, don't buy it. But be honest with yourself and acknowledge that Apple makes great products. Many have tried to duplicate the iPod, but their is only one iPod. Every other post should not be a bash of the competition. Promote what you think are your strengths without degrading the competition. Competition is good for the people that are most important...the Customer!!!

16. Man_of_God unregistered

opppss, I need to learn how to use the right there instead of their... :)

18. unregistered

beautifuly stated... I have Verizon wireless but I love what apple has done with the iPhone.

21. unregistered

id rather use a land line. so much cooler

26. C-Chickie unregistered

I agree the touchscreen on an Iphone is magnificant. I work for Alltel but I am not going to bash the phone because we dont have it. Apple's marketing plan for this phone is just genius. Of course Apple's marketing for anything is very good. "Put all your effort in making people believe you when you say you believe in your product" When you work for Apple you have to swear by it pretty much and I think thats a very good idea. I hate these people that tote around different carriers then the ones they work for. Work for something you believe in. Dont force us into crap you wouldnt even own.

19. DOUGQJD unregistered

Keep hating the iphone u VZW fanboys loosers, that is making apple and ATT earn millions, BTW You'll never see people waiting outside of any of VWZ stores for hours or day before to buy one of your crapy cellphones

20. unregistered

iphone is good but i rather go to japan and korea and get what usa will get in 10 yrs time a credit card phone basicly a phone thats has a barcode on the back which transfer some money in your account to the phone yup cause my cousin in korea got one example they scan the back on the fun to go in the subway and buy stuff at the market yup that will be the next thing for us in 10 yrs in usa but for asia and especialy japan and korea who knows what phone are they gonna have in the future. phone looks good though can get a touchscreen flip or slide

22. daywalker unregistered

iphone just a phone. not impress n82/p1i much better.

23. u-r-all-i-haters unregistered

aimed at number 4 "The Walt" Why Verizon Wireless? Does the iPhone have it? VZW:Offers over the air music downloads without having to be in a Wi-Fi Hotspot iPhone: NO: OTA downloads are limited to Wi-Fi Hotspots VZW:Offers Unlimited Access to Millions of songs through a subscription option like Rhapsody iPhone: You don't need to pay a stupid $15 subscription to buy the content you want, in fact you can buy content plus more like MOVIES which you can PLAY on your phone in high quality! Buy songs or whole albums with ease. VZW:Free Song ID iPhone: Yes, theres a free program as a third party app available in fact it will recognize you humming singing or playing the song and its uncanny how it works plus its totally free. VZW:Bluetooth Stereo headset iPhone: NO, the headphones sound great so what about bluetooth, at least it doesn't drain the battery that way and you can listen to music for almost 24 hours unlike using bluetooth on any other crap music phone out there. VZW:Picture and Video Messaging or Video Capture iPhone:NO, but you can email MMS easily VZW:VZ Navigator: Audible turn-by-turn directions with traffic integration, weather and cheap gas finder iPhone: NO: GPS turn-by-turn directions are not audio, GPS is for the retarded...I swear what happened to reading maps? VZW:Watch broadcast television on the go iPhone: NO, you can DOWNLOAD MOVIES to your PHONE and not deal with the crappy TV coverage which they SAY they have a spot covered but its NOT anyways. VZW:Removable batteries: an option for extended batteries iPhone: NO..so? VZW:3G network spanning more than 80 percent of the U.S. population iPhone: NO: AT&T’s 3G network covers 40-50 percent of the U.S. population - really no comment to either, thats a load of crock, NEITHER coverage maps are accurate. They are FAR from accurate, I have both services and if I don't get coverage in one I get it with the other and I live in a heavily populated metro area. Get a life haters. Hands down the iphone really is unique compared to any other phone and you guys are really jealous, stop ranting on about other phones and try it out for yourself for 30 days, you'd have a different opinion.

24. unregistered

i'd also like to add the fact that MMS on those crappy phones are so SMALL and they are reduced to CRAPPY resolution. If you EVEN sent an email through the iphone with the picture it retains high quality pixels. losers.

29. C-Chickie unregistered

Comparing a plain/normal handset to an Iphone? Are you RETARED!? Of course the resolution isnt going to be the same, the damn screen is half the size of the Iphone! Seriously Captain OBVIOUS. Yes an e-mail, NOT a simple MMS which is a standard feature that comes with any 'Crappy' handset with any other 'crappy' headset can recieve, INCLUDING all touchscreen phones EXCEPT the Iphone.The only way your beloved god can recieve a MMS is to take your precious time away from posting pathetic agruement to download the application. Picture through e-mail? No all phones are capable of recieving e-mail with means your limited to where you can send your oh so beautiful 'high quality' picture messages. I am not bashing the I-phone. I respect the piece of technology. I am looking down on you though for trying to prove a weak point with very poor choice in wording. VIVA THE LITERATE!

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