Downshift from social media to living life: 50% OFF the Iris Flip, free month of service with Consumer Cellular

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Downshift from social media to living life: 50% the Iris Flip, free month of service with Consumer
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Consumer Cellular is a flexible postpaid MVNO that allows you plenty of choice on a month-to-month basis. There are no activation fees, you can port in your number and you are free to cancel the service for free in the first 30 days, if it doesn't meet your needs. And, right now, if you do choose to go on for a second month with Consumer Cellular, you will get it entirely for free (when you use code FREEMONTH)!

Switch to Consumer Cellular, get your second month free!

Once you decide to stay on with Consumer Cellular, your second month will cost $0! Remember to use code FREEMONTH

You get unlimited talk and text with any of the plans, so you can always stay in touch. Consumer Cellular uses the networks of the largest US providers, covering 99% of the population. Pick up as much data as you need and add lines to any plan for just $15 per line.

And with the upcoming holidays, it's a great time to consider downshifting your digital life:

Pick up a phone that will keep you connected, not attached

Iris Flip now 50% off, best time to digi-detox!

Use code FLIP and grab an Iris Flip from Consumer Cellular at 50% off! No worries, KaiOS will keep you connected as it supports basic apps like WhatsApp and Google Maps. But it won't draw your attention away from the important moments with friends and family!

The excellent Iris Flip phone has all the basic features you need in a modern phone — calls and texts, obviously, but its KaiOS platform can also run essentials such as Google Maps and WhatsApp. With a 2" external screen and a 3.2" internal display, you have enough real estate to stay on top of notifications, not enough to be tempted to doom-scroll the web for the latest meaningless trend.

The phone is praised for its speech control capabilities — open apps or dictate messages with a pretty accurate speech-to-text, which alleviates the issue of not having a huge virtual keyboard to type on. Then again, this phone is not about spending lots of time in your chats — hopefully, you will flip it closed and chat up your friends at the table.

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It's an excellent phone to pick up if you want to try "digital detoxing" or to have as a regular backup. Maybe for hiking, for doing social weekends, or just in case.

And now, it's even easier to try — use code FLIP and you can pick up the Iris Flip for 50% off!

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