Try Boost Mobile with 50% off for a month - no strings attached!

Try Boost Mobile with 50% off for a month - no strings attached!
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In the final hours of Prime Day

If you are looking for an easy, no strings attached, unlimited contract with a solid carrier, now's the best time to try out Boost Mobile — one of the most popular MVNOs in the States — for 50% off your first month!

To get you started, Boost will send you a SIM kit ($10 value) for free — even the express 2-day shipping is covered. You will get full access to the Boost's Unlimited plan and test out the speed and dependability of the Expanded Data Network with widespread 5G coverage, for only $12.50. After the trial month expires, regular rate is $25.

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What does the Boost Unlimited plan offer?

  • Unlimited talk, text, and data*
  • Mobile hotspot feature included
  • Works on most GSM phones
  • Boost’s Expanded Data Network combines AT&T and T-Mobile for widespread 5G coverage
  • Change your plan at any time
  • Get credit by using the BoostOne app
  • No contracts, no hidden fees
*Data speeds may be reduced after 30 GB of monthly use allotment

That's a lot of cell service for $12.50 and with 30 days to go, you will have all the time to evaluate whether Boost's network works for you. There are no contracts and you can fully control your account through Boost's app. Even the hotspot feature is included in the package, which is a deal even at the full $25 price of Unlimited.

Even though it's an MVNO, Boost Mobile is building out its own network to boost speeds and coverage, further improving on the already solid foundation of the AT&T and T-Mobile networks that it has started off on. With 21 years of experience in the space, Boost has built out the infrastructure and developed the know-how for top-notch customer support, too.

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Since it's a pre-paid service with no contracts involved, customers are free to hop between different plans from month to month. Planning a hot holiday trip and using lots of data? Get on Unlimited! Thinking about digging your heels in and taking a break next month? A budget plan with limited data will free up some extra cash! Also, you can interact with the BoostOne app to play games and watch videos, earn Boostcoin, and redeem that digital currency for more wireless service from Boost!

Again, the summer offer from Boost Mobile right now is:

  • 1 months of Unlimited for half off ($12.50)
  • Free SIM kit ($10 value)
  • Free 2-day express shipping ($5 value)
  • After 1 month, Unlimited will cost you $25

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