11.11 Single's day deals — rugged, gaming, budget phones at a bargain

11.11 Single's day deals — rugged, gaming, budget phones at a bargain
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A new November shopping event is slowly gaining popularity across the world — it comes in earlier than Black Friday but may end up netting you some deals that you otherwise you wouldn't get. The 11.11 event started off at AliExpress, but a lot of retailers are now also adjusting prices to match it.

Come this 11th of November, manufacturer Blackview will have a part of its portfolio up for sale at pretty generous discounts. Here's what you can get:

Blackview BL5000

Price:$299.99 $269.99

The world's first dual 5G rugged gaming phone — that's a lot of perks in one. The dual 5G connectivity allows the BL5000 to swap between 5G connections quickly, making sure you don't drop connectivity or speed, the octa-core Dimensity 700 chip inside makes sure you are gaming at peak performance, and the rugged shell makes sure you don't... well, you know, break the phone in a fit of rage.

Blackview A100

Price:$157.49 $134.99

The A100 was built with a very specific goal in mind — it had to be affordable, but still look like a pretty lifestyle accessory. It also puts a lot of focus on its camera performance — the main camera has a 12 MP Sony IMX 362 sensor. With the help of dual-pixel autofocus and a special closed-loop voice coil motor, the Blackview A100 is capable of super-fast, 0.03 second focus. Certainly much quicker than any other $200 phone, that's for sure.

It's powered by a Helio P70 and comes with 128 GB of storage, so the Blackview A100 is certainly a bargain offer.

Blackview BV9900 Pro

Price:$412.49 $395.99

The BV9900 Pro is geared towards professionals that need a rugged phone to survive harsh conditions, but also extra tools to help in their work. The tool in particular here is a thermal camera.

The phone is powered by the Helio P90 octa-core processor and comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. The main camera on the back has a 48 MP sensor — still pretty respectable specs, all wrapped up in a shock-proof, ingress-proof shell.

Blackview BV4900

Price: $119.99 $109.99

The BV4900 is another rugged and water-proof phone, but meant for those on a budget. It has a massive battery to keep the lights on for quite a while. A great secondary device for those that go camping, on hikes, or do extreme sports or activities that might be too much for your regular phone.

Blackview Oscal C20


The Oscal is for those on a budget — it's a basic smartphone for your core tasks, at a very, very affordable price. Yet, it still looks good.

Blackview Tab 10 4G


The Tab 10 will keep you connected with its 4G support (dual SIM, too) and can keep your core apps running so you can remain productive on the go.

And that is not all!

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