ZOMM Bluetooth accessory aims to keep you connected to your phone

ZOMM Bluetooth accessory aims to keep you connected to your phone
It’s happened to even the best of us, but sometimes our minds just blank out and we end up misplacing our phones. Even worse when you attempt to call it, you might have placed it on silent mode – so you end up going on a hunt to discover it; all the while losing precious time. ZOMM has something special in store if you typically always require having your phone on you at all times. If a phone is hidden somewhere in a house, locked in your car by accident, or if you’re just too lazy to lug it around, ZOMM’s Bluetooth powered accessory promises to connect you to incoming calls or sound off an alarm if you leave your phone somewhere. Not only will it attach to your key chain as another item to carry on, but it doubles as a wireless speakerphone for your mobile phone. Even better, if you begin to walk away from your phone and reach a certain distance, it’ll begin to alarm – alerting you that you’re getting out of range. Its rumored price sticker of $80 may not hit the masses right away, but it could become a handy device and catch on down the road – it’s expected to make an official debut at CES.

via Gizmodo


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