You don't want to mess with Wolverine or James Bond at a live show

You don't want to mess with Wolverine or James Bond at a live show
If you're at a show being headed by the actors who portrayed Wolverine in the X-Men films and 007 himself, you might want to consider the wrath they might impose if your phone were to go off during the live show. Everyone hopefully knows the golden rule when it comes to cell phone etiquette during live shows or at a movie theater, you turn off your phone so it doesn't distract others around you. Well someone in the audience forgot to do just that and got a good talk from both actors – Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig. TMZ has posted a video which shows Jackman getting really upset about the whole thing. So the next time you're going to see either one at alive show, please be sure put your phone on silent so they won't unleash a mouthful of fury on you – ya hear now?

source: TMZ via Mobilesyrup


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