Versace plans on manufacturing & distributing their own phones

Versace plans on manufacturing & distributing their own phones
There are a ton of uses that mobile phones provide for the everyday user, but sometimes instead of being considered a communication tool, people would rather use them as a fashionable accessory. Heck, even famous stars would just whip out their handset and pretend to be on a phone call – just so they get some nice pictures of themselves with their device. Fashion and technology will collide together to produce a range of fashionable phones thanks to an exclusive worldwide joint license agreement between Versace and ModeLabs Group. Versace aims to design, manufacture, and distribute their first-ever range of luxury phones that will be sold through Versace’s network of flagship stores and other exclusive retail partners. They’re actually working quickly to get some products ready and in time for spring 2010 – unfortunately only select Versace clients will get a first hand preview through a private showing that will be held during the Parisian Haute Couture week. Although there is no information regarding the specifications of the handsets, we’re sure that the purpose of it is to catch wandering eyes thanks to its their fashion-oriented look.

source: ModeLabs via Textually


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