Useful(useless) GSM devices

Useful(useless) GSM devices

G-tek PWG-500 is a quad-band GSM device with VoIP functionality, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It has a small color display and a numeric keypad. As a stand-alone device, it can be used as a low-end GSM phone, or for VoIP. But its main function is to act as a personal wireless gateway - allowing you to connect your PC,laptop or PDA to Wi-fi or GPRS networks.

The bundled WIM (Wireless in Motion) software which comes with the PWG-500 can be installed on Windows running PC or laptop, or Windows Mobile PDA. Through USB, the PWG-500 connects to a computer and provides it with Internet connection (through Wi-Fi and GPRS) and voice (through VoIP and GSM). Same can be done with a Pocket PC, connected to the PWG-500 via Bluetooth.

PC dialing via the PWG-500
PDA data connectivity

Another new FCC approved device is TeamSharp's Gemini PT-300 - a Personal Tracking System and alarm, based on GPS and quad-band GSM. Its main functionality is to send a SMS message with the device's current coordinates to a predefined number if something happens and the SOS/Panic button is pressed. The manual also mentions a GeoFence feature, which sends a SMS message if the device is taken outside of a pre-defined area (we have no idea how this is program the area into the phone).
Voice calls to 3 pre-defined numbers via dedicated keys is also possible.


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1. John Rudd unregistered

I don't know why this was posted under "useless" devices ... as far as I'm concerned, the G-Tek PWG-500 is one of only 2 or 3 _useful_ cell devices on the market. What I need in a cell/mobile device is NOT a camera+TXT+tons-of-other-uselss-crap. What I want/need is basically a wifi access point that uses GSM as its WAN, and is battery powered instead of wall powered. That's the G-tek. Too bad it seems like, some point since this article was written 1.5 years ago, G-tek's website has gone down. I'm in the market for a new phone right now, and this is pretty much what I was looking toward. I hope someone else comes out with a similar product soon.

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