Tourists killed a baby dolphin by taking selfies with it

Tourists killed a baby dolphin by taking selfies with it
Dolphins are probably the most magnificent aquatic creatures. But just like all other sea animals, they need to stay in the water to survive. Especially when they are still babies. We didn't think we'd have to explain this to anyone, but a recent tragic event in Argentina proved us wrong.

According to a report from the Argentinian media La Capital, a group of tourists found a baby dolphin washed ashore at the beach of San Bernardo. Instead of helping it back into the water, though, they started touching the poor animal and taking selfies with it. One beachgoer even caught it on video that made its way to Twitter.

A woman by the name of Claudia told La Capital that once everyone had their fun, the group left the dolphin for dead. She claims that the animal was still breathing at the time, but everyone said it had already passed, and refused to return it in the water.

This is the second report of a baby dolphin killed because of people's selfies for less than a year. Last February, a man at another Argentinian beach caught a baby Franciscana dolphin and brought it ashore for a few snaps. The poor creature didn't handle the heat out of the water, especially with everyone passing it around, and it died before the tourists could return it to the water.

While we do understand people's desire to take an awesome selfie, we'd like to implore everyone to be a bit more considerate while on their perfect selfie hunt. Always think carefully how your actions could impact the environment or your own safety.

Source: LaCapital (Translated) via Cnet
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