The iPhone 8 will wear its display "cutout" loud and proud, new report suggests


The "notch" or "cutout" at the top of iPhone 8's display has been a polarizing topic among fans ever since the first legitimate schematics for the device leaked online. The so-called notch houses a number of important sensors for biometric authentication, as well as the phone's front-facing camera, but many were hoping that Apple would opt to to hide the notch by blending it with a dark status bar.

This would have been a viable option, since the iPhone 8 is outfitted with an OLED display, and the cutout would have blended nicely with a black status bar, but alas, it seems like Apple has decided to go the opposite way and turn the notch into a prominent design characteristic of the iPhone 8.

image source: Bloomberg

According to a recent Bloomberg report, the status bar will be split into what Apple employees are internally referring to as "ears." The ear to the left of the notch will reportedly be occupied by the time, while the right will display cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as the battery icon. The report also claims that, due to the limited space on the status bar, the information it displays could change on a per-task basis.

What do you think of Apple's decision to leave the status bar transparent at all times? Do you think it adds character to the iPhone 8 or are you not a fan of the "cutout" up top? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

source: Bloomberg

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