The city of Cincinnati enacts a law banning texting while driving

The city of Cincinnati enacts a law banning texting while driving
Constant offenders of texting while operating a motor vehicle in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio will no longer be allowed to continue their acts after an ordinance was approved Thursday that would see a ban on it. Cincinnati's city council voted 8-1 in favor of enacting a ban on sending, reading, or writing text message while driving.

Additionally, the law bans the use of accessing the Internet while driving. However, it's only going to be regulated within the confines of the city limits and there is yet to be a statewide law banning the act – but there are supporters in favor of seeing it happen. Cincinnati's ban is set to commence in 30 days when drivers can be issued a $100 fine in the event they are caught and pulled over for texting while driving. Interestingly enough, drivers can still talk on their cell phones while operating a moving vehicle without the fear of being issued a fine. Regardless, it goes to show that more cities around the country are adopting their own laws as we continue to see and hear horror stories about the consequences of texting while driving.

source: Yahoo


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