The average global smartphone user has downloaded 26 apps

The average global smartphone user has downloaded 26 apps
Those of us here at PhoneArena love our mobile devices, and because of that we tend to download inordinate amounts of apps, just to play around with them and see what cool new stuff is out there. Not surprisingly, we are not good representatives of the general public. While some of us around here have downloaded (according to Google Play) about 445 apps, the average smartphone user downloads far fewer than that.

According to Google's Our Mobile Planet data, the average global smartphone user downloads just 26 apps, a bit over 20 free apps, and a bit over 5 paid apps each. Of course, depending on where you live, your region will likely have different numbers. South Korea, unsurprisingly, comes in number one on the list with the average smartphone user there downloading about 40 app, although South Korea is also the least likely of the top countries to go for paid apps as 37 of the average 40 downloads are free apps.

Users in Japan are far more likely to download paid apps with an average of 17.5 paid app downloads per smartphone user, and a bit over 36 app total for Japanese users. And, in the U.S. smartphone users download just under 33 apps each, with a bit over 25 of those being free apps. 

How do you compare with the world? Let us know below. 

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