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T-Mobile to allow free Wi-Fi calling starting tommorow

Posted: , by Alex I.

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T-Mobile to allow free Wi-Fi calling starting tommorow
T-Mobile may be losing customers, but it's undeniable that Big Magenta is doing everything in its powers to win (back) the hearts and minds of smartphone users in the States - it offers the dual-core T-Mobile G2x, a new incarnation of the loved Sidekick family (the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G) and will get the quite powerful HTC Sensation 4G in the summer, but it's not only about the hardware, as T-Mo News reports that the fourth-largest US carrier will bring one quite useful feature back from the dead - free Wi-Fi calling.

It's anticipated that it will be available starting tomorrow (May 11) for T-Mo subscribes with Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plans. Customers with these plans will be notified via SMS for the new feature and will be redirected to T-Mobile's site. If the need arises (or if you feel too lazy to add it yourself), you may also call the Customer Care service.

Of course, you must own a phone that supports Wi-Fi calling (shocker!), but these are all the requirements you need to cover to get that nice feature. As of now, T-Mo subscribers are using their in-plan minutes when making calls over Wi-Fi, but it seems this is very soon to be a thing of the past.

source: T-Mo News

T-Mobile to allow free Wi-Fi calling starting tommorow

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posted on 10 May 2011, 09:09 1

1. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Yup! its now very Obvious T-Mobile is Sabotaging At&t before the merge.

posted on 10 May 2011, 09:29

2. oddmanout (Posts: 443; Member since: 22 May 2009)

Wifi calls should have always been free... The main reason people use wifi calling is because of limited service in certain areas and t-mobile shouldn't charge for their lack of service, especially since its not using their network to complete the call. Had they been reliable enough, they wouldn't need wifi calling to begin with. However, this is a good step they're moving in. Next should be free tethering!

posted on 11 May 2011, 04:09

10. ssjassassin (Posts: 108; Member since: 31 Aug 2009)

So i guess this service costs them nothing at all? the servers they need to pay for to handle the calls? The software required to work the product in general? It seems to me that they where reasonable in having it use minutes. This is just more quality in my opinion vs the other guys. A great free service provided to T-Mobile customers. The good step was offering this in the first place not using minutes is just above and beyond. You can use this service with any WIFI in the world and make domestic calls... if you leave the country and connect to a WIFI you can call home at no cost to you unless WIFI is charged. Amazing deal amazing product.

posted on 10 May 2011, 10:07

3. Question (unregistered)


If I then just T-Mo 500 minute plan for $40 ... if I was at home using my own wireless ... where I have wireless ... could I get "unlimited" minutes, so long as I was home?

posted on 11 May 2011, 04:14 1

11. ssjassassin (Posts: 108; Member since: 31 Aug 2009)

What the fuck are you saying? Dont use some excuse like you are not able to speak english because if that was the case what the hell do you care about this for? But to answer your question the best any human could based on the way you wrote that crap up their is... If you buy the 500 minute plan from T-Mobile and the phone has android 2.2 with the WIFI calling app you are able to connect to landline internet to make calls. That is any WIFI not just your home WIFI (unless this type of traffic is blocked). If you are connected with WIFI at the time of your call no minutes will be used.

posted on 11 May 2011, 09:54

14. ATTCallCenter (unregistered)

I love how you just went off on him! I couldn't understand it either, but thank you for making me laugh today, I needed it. I do agree though, learn to spell and conjugate a sentance

posted on 12 May 2011, 06:19

15. sun0066 (Posts: 174; Member since: 12 Feb 2011)

Horrible and ignorant comment

posted on 12 May 2011, 22:45

16. ssjassassin (Posts: 108; Member since: 31 Aug 2009)

ignorant sure, but if you can't properly express your ideas then keep them to yourself. Im not bitching about his punctuation but the simple fact that someone needs to read that multiple times to even understand what is being conveyed fuck.

posted on 10 May 2011, 10:37

4. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

@Question - supposedly your plan (as long as you have one of the T-Mo plans mentioned) would not be charged for calls made over WiFi. But you would also need to have a phone that was capable of making WiFi calls.

posted on 10 May 2011, 11:11

5. Answered (unregistered)

Ahh ... that makes it clear.

... so ... the 500 minute $40 plan is an "even more" plan ... so with a capable phone ... I could save $20+ per month over the unlimited plans ... and get unlimited calls over my wireless at home.

Hmmm ... T-Mobile is getting real tempting ...

posted on 10 May 2011, 13:46

6. G2X (unregistered)

if i am overseas and i call on wifi to the states do i get charged extra money or just my plan minutes? somebody know?

posted on 10 May 2011, 17:22

8. SomeGuy (unregistered)

Call T-Mobile.. I'm sure the rules and rates for calling overseas is always changing.

posted on 11 May 2011, 04:23 1

12. ssjassassin (Posts: 108; Member since: 31 Aug 2009)

At this time you would be charged your minutes until this change has taken place. At that time your calls with be unlimited with zero roaming fees. Consider any WIFI hot spot domestic coverage. If you call from a WIFI in the UK as an example to a family member in New York it will not charge you long distance or roaming. Now lets add the $10 international calling plan to your service and you are in the UK this time calling your friends land line number in the UK you will not have a single minute charge for long distance or roaming. The $10 international calling with WIFI calling will provide you low long distance rates to many countries 0 for almost all land lines and a extreamly low rate to all cell phones. Text messaging is also zero with the long distance plan. The only issue is WIFI is a requirement for this to work and have your calling needs outside the country be nearly free. This may seem like more than you asked for but it is important if you actually do leave the country and want to make calls. The only issue you could face is if the WIFI access blocks this type of use.

posted on 10 May 2011, 16:30

7. OZmaster (unregistered)

It used to use up ur plan minutes, with this change it will be totally free of charge

posted on 10 May 2011, 17:33

9. OsirisRa (Posts: 46; Member since: 17 Dec 2010)

Would this feature work with an unlocked phone, or must it be a T-Mobile issued phone?

posted on 11 May 2011, 04:27

13. ssjassassin (Posts: 108; Member since: 31 Aug 2009)

The app is not available for non T-mobile phones at this time. Meaning if you use an Iphone it will not work. If you use a non T-mobile Blackberry it will not work. If you import you phone with android or Symbian it will not have the software needed to run WIFI calling. It is also not openly available on the market. You could probably get a apk from the XDA guys but the work to install and get it working will be complex for the average user. Your best bet is look for something like groove ip or a like tool for VOIP from the phone ( if you use android that is).

posted on 24 Sep 2011, 17:15

17. BrokeManPhoneUser (unregistered)

I just got the new Samsung Galaxy 2 4G phone, and it had the new wifi calling app. I turned the flight mode on, then turned on wifi using the wifi calling app. Called my friend in Russia, calling his home #. Then checked my balance and it had a $243 international charge for calling his house. I WAS IN SHOCK!!! The app never informed me about me being charged for international calling charges. Even still being in flight mode and having wifi on I was still on T-Mobile's towers. How do I get these charges resolved? HELP ME PLEASE :o(

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