T-Mobile to allow free Wi-Fi calling starting tommorow

T-Mobile to allow free Wi-Fi calling starting tommorow
T-Mobile may be losing customers, but it's undeniable that Big Magenta is doing everything in its powers to win (back) the hearts and minds of smartphone users in the States - it offers the dual-core T-Mobile G2x, a new incarnation of the loved Sidekick family (the T-Mobile Sidekick 4G) and will get the quite powerful HTC Sensation 4G in the summer, but it's not only about the hardware, as T-Mo News reports that the fourth-largest US carrier will bring one quite useful feature back from the dead - free Wi-Fi calling.

It's anticipated that it will be available starting tomorrow (May 11) for T-Mo subscribes with Even More, Even More Plus and 4G Do More plans. Customers with these plans will be notified via SMS for the new feature and will be redirected to T-Mobile's site. If the need arises (or if you feel too lazy to add it yourself), you may also call the Customer Care service.

Of course, you must own a phone that supports Wi-Fi calling (shocker!), but these are all the requirements you need to cover to get that nice feature. As of now, T-Mo subscribers are using their in-plan minutes when making calls over Wi-Fi, but it seems this is very soon to be a thing of the past.

source: T-Mo News

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