Square Enix teases Apple Watch exclusive role-playing game Cosmos Rings

Legendary video game developer Square Enix, best known for the Final Fantasy series, has an Apple Watch exclusive game currently in development. The company yesterday launched a teaser website for the game, dubbed Cosmos Rings, which does not provide a lot of information for the upcoming title, apart from a tiny screenshot and a “coming soon” caption.

So, a role playing game for the Apple Watch, and by none other than Square Enix? Yeah, why not. We mean, it won't be the first one for the platform (check out Runeblade), and it could turn out an interesting niche product. Will it be a deep, time-consuming experience, in the vein of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series? No, it most definitely will not, cannot and doesn't have to be. It's a smartwatch game. It's probably going to be a more passive experience, relying on the device's built in pedometer to display game-related notifications after the player has walked a certain distance or has arrived at a certain location.

This is all conjecture however, as there is little to no official information on the upcoming game. If the title Cosmos Rings is anything to go by, then it might have some connection to Square Enix's mobile RPG series Chaos Rings, but this is also pure speculation.

Japanese website Gamer has gotten hold of a handful of screenshots, allegedly from the upcoming title, and while their credibility cannot be verified at this point, they really do look legitimate. Even so, they could be from an early build of the game and might not be fully representative of the final product. All of them feature trippy, minimalist artwork dominated by shades of blue and purple – very reminiscent of the designs found on the boxes of various Final Fantasy games – with a simulated pixel grid overlaid on top for an added self-aware low-resolution aesthetic, which seems befitting of the platform of choice. Take a look:



1. sgodsell

Posts: 7231; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

Why is this news when the watch app still isn't released? Also since when does anyone buy a watch to play games. Not to mention with the Apple Watches small 205mha battery and tiny screen. How much game time will you actually have to play before you charge the Apple watch again? Especially when even Apple themselves list their battery life at 18 hours, and that is with the display off most of the time. To sum it up any games on a watch that has its watch face off most of its life, is a complete joke.

2. Settings

Posts: 2943; Member since: Jul 02, 2014

You'll never know when boredom strikes. Plus decades before people thought that putting games on phones was a joke, look at us now.

3. sgodsell

Posts: 7231; Member since: Mar 16, 2013

I have no problem with games going on watches. However with that said even Apple themselves have told it's watch developers to make apps that will only use 10 seconds of screen on time to try and conserve battery life. So if the watch face is constantly on, then how much game play are you going to get from a tiny 205mha battery. Is there going to be sound or music as well?

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