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Sprint tacking on $5/month fee for Account Spending Limit

Sprint tacking on $5/month fee for Account Spending Limit
Sprint is probably best known as a value based provider thanks to their relatively inexpensive rate plans over other similar options on other providers. So it seems somewhat uncharacteristic for them to start imposing a $4.99 per month surcharge for customers who have a spending limit – whether it be initiated by the user or required by Sprint due to shaky credit history. One customer angry at the new charge wrote to the Consumerist about their disdain about the whole situation and how Sprint is being greedy by targeting people with low income. Account Spending Limits (ASL) can be beneficial by offering a monthly cap so unexpected charges, such as overages, won’t hurt you financially when the bill arrives. Additionally it’s placed for anyone whose credit history is not the best – so that Sprint won’t have to worry about customers going overboard with monthly overages. Sprint has never charged for the ASL in the past, so it’s even more frustrating for customers who pay their bills on time. On the other hand, those who are late with payments will now have to worry about paying off an additional charge.

via The Consumerist


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