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  • Sprint tacking on $5/month fee for Account Spending Limit

Sprint tacking on $5/month fee for Account Spending Limit

Posted: , by John V.

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Sprint tacking on $5/month fee for Account Spending Limit
Sprint is probably best known as a value based provider thanks to their relatively inexpensive rate plans over other similar options on other providers. So it seems somewhat uncharacteristic for them to start imposing a $4.99 per month surcharge for customers who have a spending limit – whether it be initiated by the user or required by Sprint due to shaky credit history. One customer angry at the new charge wrote to the Consumerist about their disdain about the whole situation and how Sprint is being greedy by targeting people with low income. Account Spending Limits (ASL) can be beneficial by offering a monthly cap so unexpected charges, such as overages, won’t hurt you financially when the bill arrives. Additionally it’s placed for anyone whose credit history is not the best – so that Sprint won’t have to worry about customers going overboard with monthly overages. Sprint has never charged for the ASL in the past, so it’s even more frustrating for customers who pay their bills on time. On the other hand, those who are late with payments will now have to worry about paying off an additional charge.

via The Consumerist

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:44

1. theGodpapa (Posts: 181; Member since: 15 Dec 2009)

shocker? I think not !! Sprint still remains the ONLY carrier out there that CHARGES THEIR OWN TAXES AND SURCHARGES on top of the mandatory state and FCC taxes....hence why this provider is destined for bankruptcy and is FAIL!!

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 18:11

2. craggie4ever (Posts: 27; Member since: 24 Apr 2009)

Fanboy ^^ hehe

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 19:08

4. Ebonyks (Posts: 20; Member since: 10 Nov 2009)

... which are 0.40 cents a month. Fail.

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 19:41

5. Kiltlifter (Posts: 742; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

Wrong again... every carrier charges their own surcharges and other taxes. Most of the time it is for taxes and surcharges the govt charges THEM (the carrier) per person on top of the charges the government charges YOU (the consumer). The government is trying to double dip on the cash cow cellphone companies are. Quit crying about it. If you look at it historically and include inflation. Here's a shocking statement coming up... are you ready... keep reading **The average cellphone customer in the united states pays less per mobile phone line than per landline in the 1970s!** Whoa!!!! NO WAY!!

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 21:54

8. bronxbomber (Posts: 82; Member since: 10 Apr 2009)


posted on 10 Jan 2010, 18:33

3. badomen (Posts: 1; Member since: 10 Jan 2010)

What this article failed to add is that if the ASL customer signs up for autopay the $4.99 fee is waived. Also, if the ASL customer pays the bill on time for 1 year they are no longer an ASL customer.

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 20:17

6. allboutverizon (Posts: 66; Member since: 20 May 2009)

I would never recommend a person sign up for Auto Pay with Sprint. I left sprint when they sent me a bill for $10,000, all my permament credits on the account (due to their screw ups) reversed and sprint was unwilling to correct the problem. I had to take them to court to get them to see that they messed and they finally realized they screwed up. They sent me all types of letters telling me how they wanted my service back (I had been with them for 6 years). I have been with Verzion since they did that, could you imagine if I had them on Auto Pay :( :( :( that would have bee a horror story. I hear they mess people's accounts up every month.

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 00:03

10. rhomaion (Posts: 187; Member since: 23 Sep 2009)

Wow. Verizon makes screw-up too friend although the one your talking about makes me laugh. It would have been my pleasure to take them to court. HAHA!

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 09:36

14. Samot9 (Posts: 18; Member since: 02 Dec 2009)

allboutverizon is right they never get account billing right

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 21:53

7. bronxbomber (Posts: 82; Member since: 10 Apr 2009)


posted on 11 Jan 2010, 12:28

16. donjonson410 (Posts: 32; Member since: 11 Jan 2010)

AMEN, I had a customer come in that had sprint for 6 years and was complaining because they sent him a letter stating he would be charged $5 because he was still on the ASL. After reviewing his account he had NEVER and I mean NEVER in 6 years paid his bill on time and would typically wait until it was cut off to pay it.

posted on 10 Jan 2010, 22:42

9. oddmanout (Posts: 443; Member since: 22 May 2009)

For those with a problem with this charge should look into auto pay on a prepaid debit card (or one that can not be over drafted) which will take off the charge and you can also sign up for eBill and instead of having it mailed to u, just view your bill online which I kind of find easier and they'll take off another $5 off your bill for that. So even though you may be disappointed by the charge, you can still fix that by signing up for either Auto Pay or eBill and get that 5$ back.

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 00:26

11. Yeco (Posts: 4; Member since: 09 Dec 2009)

Sprint is just jumping the bandwagon. Carriers like T-Mobile have been charging this for years to the customers that can least afford it, the credit challenged! In Sprint's case is just one more thing that will piss its existing customer base and bring it further and further into the hands of a bigger carrier that will buy the failing company.

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 03:56

12. acipollo (Posts: 34; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

I believe Sprint years ago did charge a fee for the ASL when it first came out.. And actually, even with the $5 fee, they are probably still cheaper than other carriers..

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 04:24

13. DonLouie (Posts: 594; Member since: 22 Dec 2008)

Sprint has had it in their contracts for years that ASL are subject to a charge of up to $5, pay the bills on time for a contract term and it's removed. Because of this fee and the regulatory increase they are letting subs go ETF free, they also comp you $20/mo. for 24 months to stay. That comp offer is only thru the end of this month because you have thirty days from the 1st fee to cancel

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 12:25

15. donjonson410 (Posts: 32; Member since: 11 Jan 2010)

These customers need to stop complaining and get their credit right. They would require a $400 deposit at verizon or ATT so they should be happy they have a reliable carrier, this is also probably the reason they are allowing customers out of their contracts because no other carrier would take them without a deposit, and they would be paying way more anyway.

posted on 22 Jan 2010, 14:03

19. aquariusmay19 (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Jan 2010)

I have to disagree with your statement, "They would require a $400 deposit at verizon or ATT" as this was not my case. When I had AT&T 5 years, AT&T did not require a deposit from me. I am leaving Sprint tomorrow (No ETF) because of the $4.99 account spending limit fee and going back to AT&T tomorrow. As a matter of fact, AT&T just did a credit check on me and I was approved for 5 lines with no deposit. So, your comment about other carriers requiring a high deposit for those in Sprint's spending limit program is wrong. Everyone in the spending limit account does not have bad/no credit. Why would Sprint put me on a spending limit account while AT&T approves me for 5 lines with no deposit?

posted on 24 Jan 2010, 10:26

20. DonLouie (Posts: 594; Member since: 22 Dec 2008)

So instead of talking to them about a recurring credit you'll pay more for less with a congested network. Seems logical enough

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 17:02

17. rwolf1984 (Posts: 532; Member since: 06 Jun 2009)

ASL? i thought it meant age sex location. . .yahoo chat baby

posted on 11 Jan 2010, 18:30

18. dbb10001 (Posts: 9; Member since: 16 Apr 2009)

I read the Consumerist posting and I wanted to respond to some of the annoyed comments here from a practical perspective: simply, for those who are tired of constantly being overcharged by cell companies via surcharges and gimmicks, there can be relief. We tend to think of wireless phone costs in particular as fixed but you can tinker with your plan to optimize its features to best suit your usage and often generate significant savings in the process. I know this firsthand because I work in the consumer advocacy division of the Houston-based company Validas, where we electronically audit and subsequently reduce the average cell bill by around 22 percent, or about $450 annually, through our website,http://www.myvalidas.com . From regular people to top companies to huge entities like the State of California, an incredibly varied group of wireless customers uses Validas to slash their wireless bills. In other words, to everyone reading: Validas works, and it can probably work for you too. You can find out for free if Validas can modify your plan to better suit your individual needs by going tohttp://www.myvalidas.com. Also, check out Validas in the media, recently on Fox News athttp://myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/consumer/conlaw/lower_cell_phone_bills_072409 . Good luck to all of us with cell bills as we retake control over those wireless expenses and potentially free up some extra cash in this new year! Dylan Consumer Advocacy, MyValidas.com

posted on 02 Jan 2011, 13:18

21. david2333 (unregistered)

called sprint and had it removed. been a customer for 10 years, they werent willing to loose me.

posted on 06 Apr 2011, 09:48

23. Carol12345 (unregistered)

Sprint had been charging me the $4.99 per month -spending limit fee for almost a year. They say they base this fee on your credit score when you open your account with them. My account is with them for ten years, so in 2010 they imposed this fee based on my credit score in 2001. ! I called them, had them remove the fee and threatend to close my account if they did not credit me back for the fees they took. This has to be illegal, imposing a fee based on a ten year old credit score. You figure if they do this to 100,000 people per month, that's half a million dollars additional revenue per month for Sprint. Assholes.

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