Sprint introduces Airave

Sprint introduces Airave
Sprint announced that the Samsung Airave will be available on August 17th for $99.99. The Airave is a fematocell- a mini cell tower- that creates signal using the customer's broadband connection, meaning that everyone can have perfect reception in their home or office. The Airave will be the first commercially available fematocell in the U.S. Customers purchasing the Airave will be charged $4.99/month; for an additional $10 for individuals or $20 for families customers will be able to make unlimited calls when connected to the Airave. Customers on an unlimited plan will not be charged the additional fee. The Airave is a similar solution to T-Mobile's Hotspot@Home, but it is compatible with any Sprint CDMA device since it actually creates a signal instead of handling calls over Wi-Fi. The Airave is ready to use out of the box; the customer simply plugs it in and hooks it up to their broadband connection.

Airave official site

source: Sprint



1. Baxterb unregistered

This is a better solution than hotspot@home cuz it can be used with any phone not just some

16. unregistered

I have a product in my home, Techshied, an anti-radiant in the attic. Has anyone heard if the product will work and still get a signal through?

34. unregistered

In theory, this is a great idea. However, I have Sprint and I have been after them to upgrade our signal near our home ever since we signed 2 yrs ago. They have done nothing to upgrade anything and now our signal levels away from home in the local area have dropped also. Furthermore, I now have even less roaming reception in the rural areas than I had 2 yrs ago, making my Sprint phone useless in small towns. Other carriers have built new towers less than one mile from my home in the last yr. I feel insulted for Sprint to ask me pay extra each month just to pick up a better signal at home using my own equipment. What's wrong with that picture? Why should I stay with Sprint? I am looking for answers as to why I shouldn't switch to another carrier after next month and have found absolutely nothing in support of Sprint.

38. unregistered

Have you tried updating your roaming? I have Verizon, and I need to periodically update my roaming; every time I do, I get better reception in more places. Hope this helps!

2. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

I wonder if this works through any broadband connection such as cable or just via Sprint's broadband cards. Because if it only works throught Sprint's air cards then there wouldn't be that much of an increase in reception if your are in a place and receive poor reception. I like the idea of the device though. Will it require a WiFi capable phone to get the unlimited calling?

3. DamonO unregistered

2. szaldana This will work with ANY Sprint phone. ANY Sprint phone can be put on an Unlimited calling plan that includes Unlimited Text/Picture/Video for $89.99 month. ANY Sprint phone can also be put on Sprint's Simply Everything Plan that included Unlimited Minutes/Text/Picture/Video/Email/Web/TV/Music/GPS Navigation/Email for $99.99 month. This will work with any BROADBAND connection. You do not have to have a Sprint wireless aircard.

4. joeMOMA unregistered

sprints last attempt to survive....

15. AG unregistered

HAT3rz LIKE ALwayz

17. unregistered

lol, i love this guy. Sprint has the fastest data connection available through EVDO rev. a. The most user customizable interface, the best digital coverage, and this punk wants to say it's a last ditch effort. I work for AT&T and they have nowhere close to the bandwidth of Sprint. Sprint's customer service sucks but the network is untouichable...

22. unregistered

If sprint is coming out with this device, then obviously they are in desperate need for an improved connection before their churn reaches 10.0, Verizon is the only company that can provide awesome service anywhere without having to pay 100 for some bs device that will connect you at home. We are talking about "mobile phones" here, and if I want better reception at my house (for those unfortunate souls that signed a sprint contract) then I would just use the house phone.

24. unregistered

Is it really obvious? Or could it be that having this device gives Sprint an edge when it comes to the consumer who has trouble getting a signal indoors? I have a friend who can't get a signal from Sprint OR Verizon at his place (as much as Verizon would like you to believe they don't have any dead spots, apparently they exsist). He hates his AT&T and when he hears about this, guess how quickly he'll be at his local Sprint store? It's a solution for SOME customers. As for house phones, did you stop to think that with this option, many Sprint customers would be able to ELIMINATE their land lines? Wow! All of a sudden that hundred bucks is looking like a wise investment for a lot of people. It's ok to love your precious Verizon, but to come on here and make idiotic statements based on your dislike for Sprint and nothing else is pretty sad.

30. CellDilbert unregistered

Unless you're running a buisness, and most of you MCDonalds workers aren't, the best deal is a prepaid phone with unlimited mobile to mobile, and a house phone for when you are at home. =)

36. unregistered

The best deal is pre-paid? Wow what are you smoking? Can you share? Honestly prepaid you pay out the ass for in the long run. Minute rates are normally higher. The best deal is finding a plan with a wireless company that has unlimited calling like a My Circle concept where you can change at anytime. In MY PERSONAL opinion thats your best bet.

5. unregistered

sprint still sucks and this will not benefit them in any way

14. unregistered

can you say "hater"?

18. unregistered

wow, what a child, waste your time bashing phone companies you don't even pay to have. At least if I complain i pay for the right. Grow up and get a real hobby

31. CellDilbert unregistered

The fact you pay for poor service doesn't make the service any less poor. It just makes you an idiot.

40. sprint is the real hater unregistered

Sprint does suck. Their billing sucks, the coverage sucks and beyond anything their CS sucks more then any company I've ever called. I've had (yes had) to file two BBBs against them before they fixed my billing. Guess what they screw it up every other month. THey'll rape for $500 of termination fee so i'm stuck. I'm afraid to call them because last time I did they renewed my contract without my consent.

6. unregistered

It says you cane 'make' unlimited calls while connected to this thing. How about 'receive' calls? Unlimited make/receive? or is it just outgoing calls?

25. C-Chicki unregistered

I would assume its outgoing and incoming, but hey that would make complete sense... LOL

7. unregistered

cdma huh... hope vzw gets in on this.

8. unregistered

they will sometime in 4th quarter

9. unregistered

verizon should do this too.

19. unregistered

It won't happen. "the Network" will continue it's pathetic advertising ploy to drive new customer while it's user interface cripples every handset it sells and they never offer any true pricing deals. Sprint has 7-7 free, At&T has rollover, and even the Nazi T-mobile has myFaves but all you get with Verizon is some faggot stalking you and asking "can you hear me now?" The glory of uneducated rich people and their love for commercials

20. unregistered

finally someone that agrees with me...honestly verizon are the nazi and tmobile are more like well kinda like china

26. Soul0ne unregistered

19 & 20 ..whens the wedding ? oh by the way #20 hows the weather up there??

37. C-Chicki unregistered

Honestly when the merger goes through with Alltel I would be shocked if they got rid of Alltel's My Circle . But you talk about Verizon like its some horrible poor service company, they dont have poor service, just highly prices

10. Mortis unregistered

I wonder what the implications of using something like this outside of company's license area is. In a sense, it expand a company's coverage area anywhere high speed internet is available. Too, I wonder if you have to register your phone with it. Otherwise, all of your neighbors would be using up your internet bandwith as well while they enjoy the unlimited calling at home.

27. BigKippa unregistered

You can only use it in the U.S. or places where Sprint already has service. The device has a GPS chip in it that locates where you are and determines whether or not you can use the device. You can't move to China and use it, although that would be pretty cool.

32. CellDilbert unregistered

Anyone want to take bets on how long it takes before someone develops a hack to work around the GPS chip? I say less than 6 months after release. Any takers?

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